On April 26, 1992 a baby was born to parents that did not want him. Fortunately for that child they chose to give him up for adoption instead of having him aborted and killed in the womb. One day after he was born he was adopted by Patty and Wayne Judge who went on to love him and raise him the same as if he was born to them. This 30 yr old, 6 foot 7, 282 lb man could very well have just been an aborted statistic, but because his birth parents chose life for their son, a Christian and a man of strong character has become the perfect role model for a generation that is in sorely need of one. With rappers preaching about killing cops and raping women. With Hollywood spewing hate for America, with basketball players selling out to communist China for filthy lucre, Aaron Judge shines like a light in the darkness. A breath of fresh air in the stench of a society that has abandoned morality and righteousness. Last night this man tied the record for the most home runs without cheating in a season. In the next 7 games he has the chance to break the record as well as win the triple crown. The fact that he might be having the single greatest season in baseball history pales in comparison to the character he exudes and the moral and honorable life he lives. Thank you Aaron Judge for finally giving America a person, a celebrity that we can look up to. And at 6 feet 7 in more ways than one :+1:t2:
Credit Don Baron

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If only we lived in world that could guarantee that same story for every kid in foster care. Instead of forcing unwanted children in world, and you know there are a lot out here we run a program every week featuring a kid to be adopted, let people have their own choice.
Ohh i love the patriotism for Aaron Judge, its harkens back to a different time, reminds me of the videos from the fifties about thr great advancing America but you would wonder how come the future is completely whitewashed