Thompson Leaving Texas U

Now former UT QB. Talented guy. Bright future!

I’d take Thompson in a heartbeat - but it’s going to be difficult to get a transfer QB willing to sit a year while Tune starts next season.

He has a crystal ball prediction for TCU. Weird with Morris and the the freshman they signed that he would want to go there

I don’t want anyone that quits as soon as things get uncomfortable.

What are you talking about. Casey Thompson has been a backup his whole career. Waited his tur. And finally Gets an “open competition” against hudson card and still gets named the back up in favor of the young high ranked recruit. Card :poop: the bed early on and Thompson comes in playing much better than Card. So they bring in the 2nd highest rated recruit in Texas’ history to replace him and probably make him 3rd string. Wouldn’t call that the first sign of trouble. Thompson is a grinder and if he had more than 1 year left I would love to have him. And he’s not straying from competition as the place he is expected to go has duggan and Morris thats he would be competing with. Seems like the kid just wants a fair shot.

UTSA would be perfect for him