Thoughts on in game experience

I want to give credit to the in game presentations that included the young man making things with Rubik’s cubes and the Coogs playing in the NFL. Well done pieces. I also want to say the turkey leg hut turkey leg with shrimp, dirty rice, and Alfredo sauce is legit.


I agree with that but on the flip side I’m bringing ear plugs to the next game. I can’t take that kind of volume. In fact I noticed our band now does the national anthem in sign language. That’s good because we’ll all be deaf in a few years from the canned music.
How about letting our band play more during the game?


Couldn’t agree more. They could turn it down 50%, and it would still be VERY loud.


Where do you guys sit? In 120, the PA system sounds like crap. We can hardly hear it.

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Damn! I thought I was the only one! I had to cover up one ear sometimes to help. The good looking lady with the shrill voice just cut through me though. :thinking:


227 on the visitor side and 2-3 sections away from corner.

Agree, family section is 119 and you can’t hear a thing, so we move up top. It’s loud but we can see the entire game.

Its because the DJ was on the opposite side of the speakers.

Everyone who thinks the speaker volume is ridiculously too high as my fellow season ticket holders and I do, PLEASE voice your complaint to the athletic department this week. The blaring noise greatly takes away from the game day experience when you have to cover your ears every time the music comes on. Most in my group had to do that, and I literally couldn’t hear my friends sitting next to me on both my left and right when they were speaking to me. I kept shouting, “What did you say?” (We sit near the 35 yard line in the upper deck on the Coogs’ side of the field.)


Does a ball game really need a DJ? We have a great band so let them play more.


Too loud.


Sounds like we need a better PA system since it’s too loud for some and not loud enough for others.


It feels more like a NFL game then a college football game. They need to let the band play more.


I could be wrong, but last two games we sat up there was not as loud at the SMU game. This game seemed extremely louder than usual.


I wondered if the sound checker made a mistake. I swear the volume was full blast and totally unnecessary.


I’m told the PA system has perfect clarity near the MD Anderson library


Just sent Pez an email to get this fixed


Student section, can’t really hear a thing.

Would love to see the band play more.

Would also love to see the piped in music be more relative to fan singalong or fan interaction, so jumping around during Tsunami/Jump Around/Enter Sandman/Welcome To The Jungle

If we changed up the Football intro to Welcome To The Jungle, and had everyone jumping 30 seconds in, we’ll end up on the Richter scale.

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Time to get back the college feeling of the bands and crowd. No more music from the speakers this is not the NFL. I don’t; hear that in other college games?


Good for you all to point this out. Somebody is not doing their job. Before every game or event there is a P.A. system check. It is usually done in various points in the stadium. This is also done for one single reason. To make sure there is actual power. A child could take care of this issue. It will take the attendant a minute or two to correct this.

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