Thoughts on this coach?

Art Briles?

I see on other sites mentioning his name. Thoughts? He would win and there is no one out there that has better Texas connections.

If Renu would not allow the hiring of Gillespie, I do not see how Briles and his baggage could be considered at UH while she is presiding.


There would be better options than Briles.

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Huge PR disaster. No way this happens, and I for one could not support the hire with what happened at Baylor.


I personally would detest hiring Briles. He’s a scumbag and every team he has ever coached has been incredibly undisciplined, doesn’t play defense and is terrible on special teams. He has demonstrated he either can’t control his players or intentionally sticks his head in the sand when it comes to off field actions. Even considering him signals we care more about the potential of winning than the development of student athletes and preparing them for life beyond college football. And I say “potential” because we’ve seen through his years at UH and Baylor that winning championships is not something he does all that often. Art Briles should never be anything other than an OC or recruiter going forward. We can and will certainly do better than his ilk if Herman leaves.

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Is Briles even allowed into the Athletic Alumni Center at this point

When you are trying to balance your budget its amazing how flexible one can becomes. Briles will win and has deep Texas ties. There is no better way to tell Big12 to take a hike. I just think its interesting.

He’s perfect!

For UT.


NO; and N.O.; and then NO - TO THE TENTH POWER!


I would prefer that Briles be considered unacceptable to be hired at UH due to the severity of the issues with which he has become associated


I’ll defer comment until EatEmUp comes to a definite opinion on the matter.


And no better way to tell your fan base and your alumni you don’t care about character. No thanks. Not gonna happen.


Been there done that

Move on

If we hired Briles to go with Sampson, the ACC and Pac 12 would never touch us. They don’t want renegade schools that sacrifice ethics for winning.

Gotta think about the ultimate goal.

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Not to mention the potential political ramifications in state. Briles is a non-starter at this point and probably any point in the future.

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2 words… screw that piece of ****

Sorry that’s 5.

So I’m hearing a soft no?


If he’s in I’m out.


Lumping Sampson in with Briles is unfair to Sampson in my opinion. Sampson’s NCAA violations are nothing compared to what Briles reigned over at Baylor.


Gross. I’d never forgive UH.