Thread where I predict Trump loses to Biden. Again

Predict the Bidens vote count for 2024.

Here’s mine:

Trump 70 million

Biden ??

So you expect Trump to get 4 Million less votes than he did in 2020?


You didn’t predict it. Interesting that you expect Trump to get 4M less votes though.

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Biden 85 million, he wins over 4 million more from Trump per Firstie.

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Probably a good projection. Who knew I’d agree with first on this?

How may do you think hiden will get

How many do you think?

Also funny that you keep using the hiden thing as trump skips debates. But I’m sure that’s different somehow.


69 million.

Why are 15M less people going to vote?


Biden wins over Trump. Trump is then the candidate again in 2028 at age 82.

Honestly 0, Hiden will not be the nominee

So you’re predicting either low turnout, or a huge swing to a third party like that could credibly cost someone a state.

Good possibility that neither Trump or Biden aren’t on the ballot.

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More restrictive voting due to mail in balloting going back to normal.

That’s not the only reason why turnout was high last time.

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Trump in prison and just playing the odds that at any moment an octogenarian might kick off, or be otherwise knocked out of the running health wise?

Pretty much. It was high in both sides.

Negative. People turned out for and against trump. That will happen again.

And mail in voting wasn’t done away with everywhere. You haven’t thought this through.


He is an election denier, even though Trump and his inner circle never believed it. Firstie would rather double down on a lie, than admit he was fooled by those he trusted and voted for.

Biden will get less votes if and that is a big if he is the nominee, even Obama got about 4 million less his second time around. It will only take about a 30 to 40k vote swing in key States to turn this next election to trump.