Three Names

Strange haven’t seen Herman’s name at all

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Briles is 65 now. I am trying to figure out how he can rehab his image after the Baylor “situation”. (I use that word because I am not taking a side and I hope we can all agree that the image from BU is what is keeping him out of HC consideration.)

In the old days, you went to C-USA to rehab your career (Eustachy, Price, Penders, Dougherty, etc) but I am not sure G5 schools want that heat and I think there are too many “safer” options for P5.

Maybe he can coach his grandkids’ HS team one day and call it a career. But it is odd that he quit his HS coaching job almost a year ago without another position locked up.

Briles would need a school like Liberty to hire him. Somewhere that’s more concerned with winning than PR, and can flout controversies.


Or could someone like Saban give him an Applewhite role on his staff for a season to help a brother out? It would have to be someone that does not care about the heat. I am not sure the NFL would allow him as a WR or RB coach.

Not cool, dude. Too soon.


Coogfans needs a filter to censor that name.


One word.
Dream job.


Liberty, the Evangelical school, ya that would be great for Briles.

I think he just said Liberty because that is where Hugh Freeze went to work on his reputation.

Yeah that dude ain’t coaching until 24

They had no problem hiring Baylor’s disgraced AD and Ole Miss’ disgraced HC.

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I feel like the Bears are about two weeks from firing the staff in Chicago. Wonder where Herman goes next. He could do the offensive analyst job in college and still get paid by UT. Maybe does a year or two at Alabama and gets a nice job after that.

Heard yesterday…Sumlin & OU in the same sentence

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Home again

Is Apple still at Alabam ? ? ? ? ? Maybe Hermie could be his assistant . . . . .

The OC/QBs at SOUTH Alabama. They finished 91st in total offense.

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As far as coaching again, Sumlin is OU…T.

Checked with my guy who is close to Sumlin, OU not mentioned

I just dont see him coaching at a P5 level unless it is a team that has no chance of winning anything. He has a long road to hoe to get back to tAm level if ever.

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