I hope I can do the time. When you find yourself at my age, situation and condition the start of the college football season means more than it might to others.
I am retired from trying cases and teaching. I am working on a book but otherwise little going on. Limitations on my mobility make attending our games impossible. For almost 50 years I was a season ticket holder, almost never missed a home game and made most of our significant roadies.
I am a college football fan. Only modest interest in the pros (I do follow our ex-players). So fall football Saturdays are the highlight of my week. And week nights if we are playing. Not just our Coogs. I love all of college football and will be particularly following Brown University in the IVY league where my grandson will be playing his freshman season.
For those able to make our games just know you will have some of us old-timers that are with in spirit even if we are not there. We’re going to have a great season now if these three weeks will just whiz on past.


Thank you for your dedication to our university.

I believe this year will be very special and I hope all enjoy the ride.


Youngloyal: We old-timers always appreciate compliments from our younger fans. You are our future.
In 3 weeks we will be taking the field in the Alamodome. I expect a robust and noisy crowd. We better bring our “A” game. The Roadrunners are a talented bunch and they ARE MOTIVATED.


When is your grandson’s first game and who are they playing?

You’re the best Cougar fan I have ever known, and you and your efforts on behalf of UH are very much appreciated.


Gina: Thanks for asking. Their first game is 9-17 against some small school. A week later they play Harvard at home. Their HC is very much like ours-in his 4th year of a major rebuilding program. They did place 5 players on a pre-season all conference team.


Awesome! Hope they have a great season!!!

Here’s on their incoming freshmen roster
I thought it was an interesting coincidence that they gave him #57 since that was my handle for years on this board until someone stole it and copy righted it.

    Houston, Texas
    St. John’s School


Before Brown: Led the team in rushing and scoring in 2020…Team captain…Team’s leading tackler in 2019…Won the school’s Not Without Honor Award as a sophomore, junior and senior…Also competed on the swimming, wrestling, track and lacrosse teams…Set the school swimming record in the 50 free, and was the Houston champion in the 50 free and 100 free…As a wrestler, earned all-state and All-SPC honors in 2019…Captured a SPC title in 2020 and was state runner-up and National qualifier…Earned All-America honors while qualifying for Nationals and winning a state title in 2021.

Personal: Nicole and Jim Perdue…Has two brothers, William and Charlie.

Why Brown?: “I loved The open curriculum and the opportunities found in the Nelson Center. I also love coach Perry and football facilities.”


What an awesome bio. He seems to be an all around athlete, that’s great! Providence is a nice college town and those New England autumns are breathtaking.

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63 (57):

I just looked up Brown’s schedule. I am actually a little bit familiar with that small school first up. Bryant. I had a friend’s son play Baseball there about 8 years ago. Another Rhode Island school.

As I mentioned on these boards over the years, I spent one year at Johnson & Wales in Providence before I found Houston. Although Providence is a pretty small town, Brown and Johnson & Wales are a million miles away.

Gina: John is like Derek and others who are successful on the field. He lives for athletic competition in whatever form-on the mat, in the pool or on the track.
And he makes top grades. Needless to say I am one proud grandad. Does Derek have any favorite grand parent?


St. John’s will have a hard time replacing your grandson.

He’s truly a “generational” type player at a school like that.

My dad, his Papa is his favorite. Also his Mimi, my MIL. My mom passed when they were 4 so he doesn’t remember her much. She has season tickets to the games and is there every game. My dad still gets the paper Chronicle and saves any article with him in it. They are blessed to have amazing grandparents.


Your sons are blessed with some great grandparents. Good families produce good citizens. Not to get too political on the football board but I think the erosion of the nuclear family is the cause of many problems we have in our country today.


I was raised in a very supportive and involved family as was my husband, we wanted that for the boys, hopefully they feel we accomplished that.


We appreciate you Jim.
Go Coogs !


If any of y’all want printed tickets, it’s an option if you ask.