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Sorry, TheMandell, don’t mean to step on your toes, but got a little curious and did a ticket count of the Lamar game as I was worried about our progress. Assuming that they haven’t held back tickets (and there’s a good possibility they have), it’s not as bad as I thought; in fact, its not bad at all:

870 - Season/Mini Plan Tickets
3426 - Individual Tickets (171 GA)
75 - Unsold allotted to Lamar (Sections 323/324 according to their website)

4,371 tickets unsold and available right now. Puts us close to 36K sold if there are none held back.

Note: Season tickets and mini plan tickets are being pulled from the same base of tickets, unlike last year where they had separate tickets set aside. Also, single game tickets on uhcougars.com are the same as on ticketmaster. The only difference is that GA tickets are being sold on uhcougars.com exclusively. This is a nice change from last year when uhcougars.com was showing about 100 tickets available and ticketmaster had thousands.


WOW. My guess was 36K if we lose to OU, and sold out if we win.

Looks like more fans are going to come see UH, no matter the circumstances. This is a huge accomplishment IMO.

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How do the student tickets factor into your equation?

I don’t count them; just what’s available for sale.

I believe your count, but really shocked that 36k have been sold. We are at 22k season ticket holders, right? 14k bought single game ticket to see Lamar? Hey I am happy that it happened, but surprised. I am old enough to remember EVERY seat being General Admission because there may have been 2k at The Rob.

If 36 K have been sold, then with 5K students, isn’t that 41K or SRO ?0

He is only counting what is for sale, I would assume the student section isn’t for sale.

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Compare that to Cinncy and BYU home openers.

If UH beats OU, those tickets will be sold out by Monday.

I, for one, am pretty excited about the Lamar game. I’m taking my 6 year old boy to that game as his first UH game in person. I figure if/when he gets bored and starts begging me to go home, we’ll be up by 40 and it will be safe to do so. But, really hoping he loves it and wants to stay. We’ll see.


22-23k season tickets + the student section means we have a baseline of 27-28k sold for every game already.

That would mean 8-9k single game tickets, or if they aren’t included in the season ticket number, the 3-game packages that include the Louisville and Lamar games.

Kronke, I believe that UH has sold 23k + by now. If I remember correctly, someone had posted in here that UH had surpassed the 22k count like 6 weeks ago. Closer the season gets, the faster the season tickets sales pick up again. Go Coogs.

We have 10 year old and 7 year old boys. While the 10 year old is starting to get into the games more now, keeping the 7 year old interested can be a challenge. One of the things we have done is get each of them a cheap pair of binoculars (found a decent pair from Academy for about $20 each) so they can see the field, see fans on the other side of the stadium, etc. They also like going through the program to see if they can pick out the players. Also, they look forward to treats throughout the game. For example: 1st qtr - Chick-fil-a, 2nd qtr - popcorn, 3rd qtr - snow-cones, 4th qtr - cotton candy. And, of course, they love getting loud when the other team has the ball.

Just some ideas; these are things that have worked for us over the years and allowed us to stay through the whole game.

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Can I sit with you?


Thanks! The binoculars idea is great, especially since I already have some. There’s a good chance he’ll be more interested in the mascots than the game, but I’m fine with that…for now. Our tickets are in Section 308, so we’ll have a good view of the entire field.

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I can’t wait for next weeks tickets sold versus butts in seats discussion.

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I reverse-engineered an auto-count link from the one in the ATK ticket-counting thread. Apparently there are 4,032 tickets left including fan-to-fan resales, though if you set an upper price limit at $30 (the highest price point at which unsold tickets are available) about 400 of those disappear, although there are still Fan-to-fan tickets available below that price. If someone could count the Fan-to-Fan tickets remaining, we could get a more accurate count.

Not counting GA, I was able to count 3,112 tickets tonight that weren’t for resale. I was going to count resale, but there’s quite a few tickets (inlcuding in the 100’s) for less than $30. Don’t know if this helps at all.

From my overall ticket count, to include GA, I got the following tonight:

Season Tickets: 408
Down 462 from 4 days ago

Single Game Tickets: 3274
Down 152 from 4 days ago

Lamar Sales (from their website): 41
Down 34 from 4 days ago

Total: 3,723 tickets unsold and available right now
Down 648 from 4 days ago


There’s also this:

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Hopefully it sells out and people take advantage of the 2 for $30 deal.

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