Ticket Count: Lamar

I am going to give an extra hug to my 5-YO son in the morning. He will not let me leave before the end of games (football, basketball or baseball) since he was 4. It usually costs me a Sprite and a popcorn.


I sense a little sarcasm there, but I will be very interested to see how the 200s fill out. In previous seasons, only the first 2 or 3 rows of Sections 224-226 and 232-234 were sold as season tickets (along with some higher aisle seats). Based upon what I see, it looks like all the 200-level seats were sold as season tickets this year. I’m guessing tons of those tickets are in the hands of brokers because they show up all over the secondary sites. I will be interested to see how those sections fill out for Lamar.

That’s great! My husband and I have been taking our boys to the UH games since they were in diapers. Funny thing is, at NRG last Saturday all they asked for was popcorn and hot dogs.

Definitely looking forward to the Lamar game. Working on some of my coworkers to attend, too. Go Coogs!


Ticket count down to 2,851 tonight.

  • 140 season tickets/mini-plans sold. 268 left.
  • 725 single game tickets sold - The Northeast sections (333, 334, & 335) sold out. Less than 500 tickets remain on the north side. Still around 2000 on the south side and about 133 GA tickets.
  • Lamar has 34 tickets left up for sale on their site

Probably the biggest spike will be Tuesday in sales when everyone is back at work on in town.

According to Anthony Oppermann, a writer for Galvnews there are 5,000 tickets remaining. Cougar Pride RT’d his tweet. Not sure about his sources, just saw this on twitter.

5,000 tickets remain for No. 6 @UHCougarFB vs. @LamarFootball on Saturday at TDECU Stadium.

— Anthony Oppermann (@ahoppermann) September 7, 2016

Probably correct. That means there 35K accounted for which is 10K more than would have been at a game like this last year.

Someone suggested giving more tickets to the students and I think that’s a great idea. Those tickets would be gone in a heartbeat if they were given to the students

I didn’t know that 2,500 tickets were taken away from the students.

If true this crowd will be, at worst, Top 4 in stadium history.

More than the Temple game last year for the title.

I guess I am just puzzled how our resident dot counters could be off by over 2,000. I know that Hunter has given out erroneous ticket sales numbers before, so hoping this is the case again.

Ticket Count - 2700

Season Tickets = 226 (Down 42)
Single Game - 2474 (Down 75)

Couple of notes:

  • They’ve pulled some single game tickets and made them season tickets - Specifically in sections 326, 327, & 331
  • 219 GA tickets were added
  • Mini Game tickets are no longer being pulled from the season ticket pool. I don’t think they’ve designated too many tickets into this pool based off what the results were off my searches, but there’s no real way to tell.
  • Edit to add: Lamar has also returned whatever tickets they had available.
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No telling what is being held back or when the ticket office moves tickets around. Good possibility that they are holding a bunch of tickets for mini-plans which I cant see on a map. A lot of changes today (see previous post).

Also possible that the 5,000 ticket count isn’t accurate and just someone throwing out a number. As you’ve said, Yurachek has thrown out incorrect numbers before. May also be to drive more sales as a problem with the AAC championship was that some people thought the game was sold out.

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Following big-time win, UH seeking big-time fan support

Of the 10 teams in the Big 12, only Kansas averaged fewer fans, 27,282, than Houston last season.

Baylor had the lowest average attendance, 46,160, of the Texas-based Big 12 schools, but sold out four of its six home games. TCU averaged 46,767 fans per game, which included sellouts in five of six home games.

Texas Tech only had one official sellout at 60,454-seat Jones AT&T Stadium, but the Red Raiders averaged 56,340 fans per game, fifth-most in the conference.

Texas led all Big 12 schools in average attendance with more than 90,000 fans per game.

“This will be a very good litmus test for our fans, alumni and students to see, ‘Hey, do you guys want to be this, or do you not,’” Herman said. “The proof is in the pudding.”

IMO, people are blowing the attendance way out of proportion.

Can someone explain to me why a sell-out matters?

To me, what matters is how good of a football team we have. Maybe I am missing something.

Also, Herman’s comments are alarming. Maybe someone needs to break it down for him.

UH is not in Lubbock, Waco, Norman, or any other “college town”. People have options. UH football may not be the best entertainment option any given week in the 4th largest city in America. Playing against Lamar is not the same as playing UT, OU, TAMU, TT, Baylor, or TCU. So, don’t expect the same type of atmosphere and fan excitement.

It takes YEARS to grow a fanbase. The idea that UH would change the attendance pattern from the past 70 years in 1.5 years is ridiculous.

If Herman is expecting the same fan support for every opponent then he needs a reality check.

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It matters a great deal to Big12 and to Coach Herman. As far as reality check, Herman has consistently challenged the status quo since he got here and look at the results. I say hell yeah you call out the fans. That’s the one thing he could point to as a reason not to stay compared to other places.

No offense, but your post sounds like old school 1990’s UH thinking to me. My opinion. I remember when at UH as a student, the AD giving us a presentation. Someone asked him about an new on-campus stadium. He snickered and said: “No way, never going to happen”. Needless to say, he lost his job eventually. Forward thinking my man. Raise your expectations.


If it’s technically not a sell out they should up the student section limit like they did last year. I bet students would cut that 5000 in half

I respect your (and everybody’s) opinion.

I look at it like this. NY city, Chicago, Memphis, LA, Miami, Houston, and other large cities have hundreds of entertainment options on any given saturday. That is the reality.

The number of die-hard coog fans is currently some number below 40k seats. That is a fact.

To grow the “die-hard, go to every game, don’t care what the weather is, don’t care if the astros are playing” type of fan takes TIME.

But people are freaking about because of big 12 expansion and the fear of Herman leaving for a more tradional college football school, so they are frustrated and wondering why UH can’t do something it has never done.

My problem with people that are crying about the potential of empty seats in the stadium is the fact that they are being impatient. The process of rebuilding an entire fan base is full steam ahead on a nice pace. But one win (or 2, or 5) doesn’t create 10K die hard fans overnight.

I have posted this before, but I will repeat myself.

Houston, and other comparable schools in large cities, will have a large variation in game-to-game attendance. UCLA has 80K for USC, and 50K for Colorado.

Should Jim Mora (sp?) call out the ENTIRE fan base because 20K UCLA fans don’t go to every game?

No, he shouldn’t. If he has a problem with that then he should coach a school in a college town.

UH had 42K for a ranked Memphis, but 25K for shitty SMU. Why is that? Well, because a portion of the UH fan base decided their entertainment dollar and time should go elsewhere.

Herman and his staff are trying to change that. But it is not a right now Saturday September 2016 vs FCS type of situation.

AND THATS OKAY. Herman is not going to quit if we don’t have a sellout saturday. The big 12 will not eliminate us if we don’t have a sellout Saturday. Stop with the end of the world nonsense people.

I wasn’t even born in 1990. All I know is the school I attend has some great coog fans, and some fickle fans. The ratio is a work in progress.


Solid take.

@CougarRed had a good point up above: this will be a Top 4 all-time on-campus crowd for the University of Houston…against an FCS foe. That’s fantastic. Yes, it would be great if we can sell it out, but , like you pointed out, its not an end of the world situation.

The good thing is that this is the last FCS foe we have for, well, who knows how long. Yurachek stated that we won’t play FCS foes anymore which is what it needs to be right now. No offense to FCS teams, but you don’t get better and you don’t grow fanbases in glorified scrimmages.

My theory is die hard UH fans (the type of people who care about what the media and other teams’ fans are saying about UH) are sooo tired of being called out on attendance. It is starting to matter more than winning.

It is to the point where even when we beat blue bloods by double digits, people still give them crap.

College football is weird this way. Winning isn’t enough. You need style points. You need full NFL size stadiums. You need the prettiest locker rooms. You need to be seen on tv by millions.

For me, I just want to win. I will go to as many games as possible. I will give what I give. And that has to be enough for CTH or whoever. I will not let fans and media tell me what matters, what is important, and how my schools accomplishments are lesser.

We are #6 in the country, and people are still complaining.


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