Ticket Count - Tulane

Single Tickets Available on UHCougars.com: 2,609
Hoping for an evening kickoff time to hopefully entice fans to come. Homecoming game as well.

Ticket Galaxy has another 2,308 for resale starting at $5


How many butts in the seat? That’s all the players care about!

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I will DEFINITELY be there!!

I’ll be there, of course. I can’t afford to buy face value tickets for relatives, but will buy some off of Stubhub for family so they can experience some UH football.

That’s the same thing I do. I have season tickets, but if my younger brothers or friends want to go then I get the $5 resale tickets.

Do whatever you can do to fill the seats.

Single Ticket Count Available: 2,518
Have sold 91 since Sunday

Single Game Tickets Available: 2,376
Sold about 142 Since Wednesday

Single Tickets Available: 2,247
Sold 129 today; not bad


Impressive given the number of tickets on the resale sites [Stub Hub, Ticketmaster, etc] for pretty cheap

Single Ticket Count Available: 1,613
631 tickets sold. Looks like they were able to push some packages out to groups as large chunks disappeared in some sections:

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Thanks for the updates…gonna be close to a sell out.

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551 for sale on VividSeats for under $6 each.

StubHub has a $6 minimum price.

Single Ticket Count Available = 1,354
250 tickets sold in the last 2 days. It won’t be a sell-out, but the number will be good.

I’m glad we’re selling a lot of full priced tickets. Hopefully brokers didn’t get too much of a discount for the tickets they bought. 10% would be quite reasonable for a bulk buy.

On VividSeats, you can sell for under $6 apiece. 27 seats are available for $2. 105 for $3. Under $5, there are 15 or more available together in sections 324, 325, 328, 314, 330 and 334. I believe 324 is typically reserved for visitors. Rows 5-8 and 10 appear to all be for sale at or below $5. Do you think brokers bought those?

I predict that we will have 32,000 butts in TDECU and we’ll sell 35,000.

If there are fewer than 1.5k tickets remaining, isn’t the # sold already over 35k?