Ticket Resells

I understand that there were limited season tickets available for sell. I understand that this is a pandemic and certain sacrifices needed to be made. But as someone who has missed maybe 6 games in 5 years I struggled when the tickets sold out before making it to my seat selection time, but I understood. However, I’m now struggling more seeing the ticket resells of the tickets sold before my selection time. I know I’m being a sore loser with this, but I hate this, and wished the athletic department somehow made resells not possible and instead offered it only to season ticket holders who didn’t get the chance to purchase this year.


Maybe you should call the ticket office or Cougar Pride and see if you can put in a standing order to get the next resale.

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While I certainly understand your feelings, I have $$$ invested in basketball (Fertitta Center contribution, Cougar Pride (multiple sports and extras), and ticket costs themselves. I fully intended to make every game I can, but there will be a couple I can’t attend. My plan is too offer them to friends, and if they can’t make it, sell them with zero apologies.

Beer ain’t cheap at FC. :beer::sunglasses:

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I only missed two games last year and am also very disappointed and frustrated that the seat allotment sold out before I could choose my season ticket seats.

How about those that kept their season tickets through Clyde McBrooks era but received no loyalty points for that only to be passed up by deep pockets when the program got good? Life isn’t fair sometimes.

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Speaking only for myself, definitely not a “deep pockets” guy. And likewise, lost out in the transition from Cougar Club to Cougar Pride. Discovered that timely contributions, bowl ticket purchases (even if I couldn’t attend) and the like help accumulate points to make a difference in the standings.

I didn’t purchase season tickets until the first year with Penders, but I also noticed the lack recognition for previous support when we moved to Fertitta. When they called for me to purchase season tickets, I blurted that fact out, even after I told myself not to bring it up.

If you are not a season ticket holder for football, you definitely are going to be behind those of us that are since TDECU required the per seat donations ahead of the Fertitta Center so the priority points were already being racked up. Even paying a few $k per season for TDECU and having 4 football / basketball season tickets since the move from the Dome to Robertson left me out of the FC this season. I am not complaining – just sharing in the misery of those left out.

I have not been to all of the bowl games for football but I did get to make following trips:

Of all the bowl games UH has played in since the 1976 season, I have only missed the 2 Hawaii Bowls and the Garden City bowl. If the Hawaii bowls had not interfered with family Christmas plans, I would have gone to them. My charming bride loves to go to Hawaii, but she is adament that Christmas is for family and a bowl game isn’t worth a divorce.

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They should figure out how to get the Hawaii bowl game to Maui or Kauai…I am picky about my islands.