Ticket Trade Thread

Somehow my seat and my friend who sits next to me in 131 have seats totally no where near where I am … and we’re close in terms of CP points. How’s this happen!? I was wanting to buy his ticket from him so I could bring my girlfriend. :’(

Does anyone want to swap?
Sec 120 row HH Seat 19 and Sec 345 row U Seat 9.

I’ll go ahead and try to call the ticket office or NRG … but I won’t hold my breath.

I’m also looking to trade tickets, but I only have one in Section 121 Row M. Have you had any luck with the ticket office or NRG as far as trading goes?

u guys put way too much effort with this whole tik swap, not where I wanted, my friend, my gf, etc…whew the insanity. I guess I’m too old School n good with just being there. Waste energy on rooting for Coogs !!

No, but I managed to sell one off. I still have one in Sec 120 still up for grabs.

Not sure posting a thread on a forum constitutes as “way too much effort”. Sorry if you think it’s insane if I want to sit with a loved one and enjoy the game. Must be an new school thing. Go Coogs.

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