Tickets Delivered

Just got my season tickets delivered. Tickets at TDECU are section 225 Row 1. NRG tickets are in Section 629 Row L

Damn. What’s your CP #? That’s how they prioritized seating I believe.

My ticket office contact told me NRG tickets were allocated based on cumulative CP priority points. I have not received my tickets yet but I have 130 CP points. No telling where my NRG seats will be located.

Based on this thread, I might be sitting in the rafters for the OU game.

Not sure what my CP # is, probably 0. I graduated in December so this is my first year buying season tickets.

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That means you have at least 1 CPP (for seaon tickets per sport), plus you get bonus for donations (at least you did) your first 4 years after graduation.

Dang. My CP points is 1. I guess I’ll be sitting in the 600’s. I rather sit in my seats that I have for the Texans games.

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I just checked, 140.44 CPP for me, anyone around 125-150 get their OU tickets yet and want to disclose sections?

Did they offer you a chance to buy tickets to the OU game? Curious if Texas season ticket holders had a shot at getting tickets in their Texans seats.

I vaguely recall getting an email. I’ll have to look it up.

Once I receive my 4 tickets I’ll post the seat location for 130 points. Hopefully will receive today.

Appreciate it! Mine a scheduled for today, but I am impatient (and I am at work, so I won’t see them until like 6 at the earliest).

Tickets were delivered this morning!

I might be sitting in the parking lot.


The email I got was my Texans seats are available for the Advocare Texas Bowl. Nothing for the Kickoff Classic.

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Uh oh…

If they’re based on CP points my season ticket buddy that sits next to me may have a different CP # … he’s selling his ticket to me so I can bring my girlfriend. :grimacing:

I received an email from the Texans offering me the chance to by my seats at NRG for our game there. I remember getting an email almost right after that (same day? next day?) from our Ticket Office reminding me that OU tix would be part of the season ticket package.

I received my tickets today. Section 121 at NRG. I’m HAPPY


Mine were just delivered. My tix are in Suite Deck West (TDECU) and I’m in Sec 127 at Reliant for OU game. CP points ~ 428.

Go Coogs!


A lot you guys already have your tickets delivered.
Shouldn’t most of you be at work?

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