Tickets have shipped

According to UH athletics.

According to my email as well.

Yep, got my email too.

it’s about time…did they ship on the slow boat from the outsourced printer in China?

I’m comfortable with this timing. I think some of you are basing your frustration on past transgressions (valid). But sending out the tickets 2 Mondays before game day seems reasonable.

How much more in advance would you have wanted?

Also, please start posting your seat locations when you get the OU tickets.

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Hey as long as I get my tickets the day before game day, it’s all good!

Go Coogs!

I just got my UPS tracking email for the ticket package.

I get people’s frustration though. In the past tickets have never been shipped or arrived after the first game for some. So I get it. Plus it is a bit lame to see tickets for fans of A&M, UT, UCLA, Michigan while I sit and look at my invoice, lol.

Got my tracking email. Looks to be next day shipping

Lost mine in snail mail one year. So I drive out and pick them up. Talk about weird, when I called one of the ladies in the ticket office called me by my account number. No way she had time to look that up. I was just calling to remind them I would come out and get my tickets. Strange! Kinda spooky too!

Got my UPS email notice that I’m getting them tomorrow!

HA! My son just picked up our tickets from the ticket office, including seats to OU in Section 125. We had hedged our bets and bought 2 seats in Section 614 so now I can deal. See you at the game.

Picked mine up from UPS. Section 122. Meh, but my regular tickets are 200 level.

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I’m in Fort Worth. Just got my tickets. OU tickets are section 124. Regular season tickets are in section 130.

I didn’t get so lucky. Regular season tickets are in the end zone on the family plan. I’m at NRG in 602. Meh, I’m glad I didn’t see ya’ll’s posts before I got mine, so I didn’t get my hopes up.

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