Tickets just arrived!

Pretty excited…on time and in my hands.

They are paper tickets…can’t remember if there was an option or not, but if there was, I obviously missed it.

Nice presentation package to go with them.

Excellent job in the ticketing process all the way around, from selection to delivery.

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I just got mine too!!! They are so cool i cant even type. But i do have a question. If these are lanyard style wheres the lanyards lol. Got the wrong parking passes -_- Will get that changed asap.

I didn’t get any either. Maybe later, but I still have mine left over from the opening of TDECU just in case.

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Got my tickets today. Did not get a lanyard, however they said they will have some at Fertitta. Can’t wait for December 1st.

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I think I misinterpreted what ‘lanyard tickets’ meant. LOL Whatever. These are nice. They went top shelf on the package, too. December 1 can’t get here soon enough.


Did they come UPS or U.S. Mail?

UPS. I got a link over a week ago. UPS picked it up yesterday and got mine today.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :scream: Burn that **** right now!

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Got mine too! Even included a clear bag for my gf.

Got tired of using a brown bag? (sorry, couldn’t pass that up)


Per Elisia (Assistant Director of Ticket Sales and Operations): “Unfortunately, no lanyards. You should have received your tickets, parking pass, acrylic commemorative tickets and a clear bag.”


Nice one. Left myself open for that one. Lols


Glad you have a sense of humor. Go Coogs!

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Got mine. The package is amazing and nicely done.

It was funny, saw Doc Villarreal today to get another shot, and right before I went under, he showed me his ticket package and I marveled it hoping mine was at my door. Woke up, went home and it was there.


Hoping to get mine in the next few days. I did get a call from the ticketing department. Apparently, the seat numbers on the seat selection site differ from the actual seat numbers in the arena.

The ticket presentation was AWESOME!
The club seats are plastic 4" x 8" cards for each game—kind of cool for commemorative sake.
What’s up with the lanyards through…why would I want to wear my ticket around my neck?
That’s just kind of silly.
Kind of like those people at the airport who put their driver license in a plastic sleeve and wear it like it’s a backstage pass. Once you show your DL to get through the door then put it back in your wallet.
Same for tickets, once you get in the front door then put them in your pocket.


Is there anybody who has not received their tickets yet? I have not received my tickets yet. I did receive the tickets for the games at TSU. I have left two voicemails and emailed. The UPS tracking number I was emailed says that the tickets have not arrived at UPS for shipping. I just tried calling the ticketing office but nobody is picking up the phone. I will try again Monday. I am going to be one very upset Coog fan if I don’t get my tickets for the opener.

Same here. No tickets. Not even to UPS yet.

I’d appreciate if you could give updates and I will do the same. Just interested if this is going to be a large scale problem.

So i thought tickets were supposed to be mailed last week. I called them monday and they said that they were being sent Monday and Tuesday on 2 days and should be at home within this week. Im going on a limb here and saying because of black friday they’re backed up maybe later today or sat, monday. I received mine Tuesday but never recieved a tracking number. Just my info, i’d say give it till monday and then blow up their phone.

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