Best place to get tickets if game is sold out through athletics department?

stub hub


Stub hub

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By far stubhub. UH makes it so easy to list your tickets there, it is foolproof for both buyer and seller. And I am guessing UH gets a piece of the action for the link.

Or on Coogfans board. There’ll be plenty available here from people who have other things to do.


Thanksgiving weekend for 5 people. Wouldn’t think that would happen.

Looking for a pair of tickets against TSU if available as well…

The best site by far is TickPick especially when compared to StubHub. TickPick has no fees at all so the price you see listed is your final sale price. Just to be sure it was still this way I just found the same two tix in section 110 row 11 on both sites.

TickPick has the two listed for $34 each $68 total.
StubHub has the same two seats listed for $29 each but the total is $80. After they tacked on $2 processing fee per ticket and $8 service fee per ticket they came out to be $12 more even with a lower listed price per seat ($29 vs $34).

Just thought I’d share this info because it seems every time I see someone ask the question on which third part ticket site is the best the answers are always StubHub and that’s just not correct. This is strictly a price based opinion of mine as both sites might have different seats available at different price points but 99% of the time StubHub is not the best choice.

Just last night a friend of mine and his wife bought two tix from TickPick for almost half the price that StubHub was listing the exact same seats.


I have had luck with Gametime recently.

This is from a couple of minutes ago.


@Pollardsvision if you have time go to checkout for two tickets from Section 110 row 11. I’d like to see what their final total is so we can compare. If GameTime is the best way to go that would be great to know. Looks to me like whoever has these tix has put them on all the sites but what’s weird is at different price points ($24 GameTime, $29 StubHub, and $34 TickPick). I already know StubHub isn’t the way to go but if that site you’re using is the best I’ll start using it when I need it. Thanks for sharing :+1:

Nevermind I just went to checkout in GameTime and they are even higher than StubHub. Looks like TickPick is the better way to go on this one.

StubHub is linked to season tickets accounts for selling so this is why I say StubHub. I know the fees are high but the convenience factor is big for me and I assume for others who have season ticket accounts.

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Best place is right here on Coogfans, yall are the best.

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When you want to give mobile tickets to someone , how do you do it?

Log into your Coog account. There is a transfer tab. Just check the tickets you want to transfer and supply a text number or email. One small issue I came across last night. I transferred my tickets and parking to my son. For some reason, the tickets arrived by text as requested, but he didn’t get the parking pass. After much exploring, it was found in his UH account instead of by text. Weird.

Just wanted to throw this out there…for anyone looking for any tickets…don’t discount checking out Ticketmaster. I know, I know. I hate them as much as everyone else does…but for the Oregon game, I scored a ridiculous deal. I just happened to log in to see if UO dropped any tickets that weren’t represented on the resale market. When I logged in, there was a pair of tickets at mid-court six rows up. The price for the pair plus TM’s stupid fees was cheaper than the cover price of one of the tickets. I don’t know how the heck I scored such a good deal. The only thing I can think of is that a season ticket holder threw them up there and mispriced them. If you’re really interested in any event, check and re-check all of the ticket sites. I think stuff pops up all the time and if it is a good deal like what I found, it disappears real fast.

I don’t care what the fees are, a $4 ticket on stubhub for these early games is a no brainer. There are no bad seats in FC.

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Thanks Lowbehold

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The cheapest ticket on StubHub is now $27! We have arrived! And Ticketmaster is bogged down with Swifties…

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