Tilman hinting at the possibility of Holgorsen returning next year?

I don’t buy that Tillman didn’t review and greenlight the CDH extension. The guy is a billionaire businessman and his $ was on the line. What that would mean is that a simpleton spreadsheet toadie slipped this by on a billionaire with his $ on the line. No way. Tillman greenlighted the extension at the first sign of CDH, his buddy and hand chosen long term football coach, showing on-field success for UH. After that 12-2 season Tillman thought: “problem solved, let’s lock him up for the next 4-5 years and then he I can pivot back to the Rockets, Golden Nugget, etc… etc…” the guy is a busy man.

With that said, I posted yesterday that Pez’ biggest advantage for Feritta is to separate any criticism of UH sports failures from Fertitta who is the primary shot caller for UH sports. Pez is playing the “useful idiot” role. Pez can just be the well meaning UH alum AD that needs to tweak a few things here and there and have some more time because of the conference transition and…if needed take the fall for CDH failing…

Fertitta gets to run UH sports with his guys without having to take any criticism directly. Nice spot to be in.

And these reported revenues do not count their off-the-books NIL funding. With that, I would imagine that UT and ATM would both rise toward the top of the pack.

People fretting about NIL.


UT and ATM were buying recruits with big money before any of us were born. If anything NIL has shined a light on the process. They will buy more recruits for the next fifty years, too.

But they’re stupid. And they’ll never win squat.


I dont know about that Funk. UT won a national championship not that long ago. They’re set up to be competitive in the SEC. Just like we’re set up to be competitive in the Big12… oh wait

Well it seems far more likely to me that it’ll be UH that never wins squat in the NIL era of college FB.

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Looks to me he is holding steady with the HS recruits and will complete the roster with portal transfers. He knows he doesn’t have the luxury of time to develop a ton of HS guys so he must rely on the portal for more immediate help


Despite out bagging us probably 800-1 its been nearly 20 years since they won the national championship.

And we may never win squat but it won’t be because of NIL. It’ll be good, old-fashioned administrative incompetence.


can’t disagree with you there. just take CTH back and admit that he made a rational decision. he can say sorry

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What you say makes sense but then why is Pez trying to leave?

Pez is trying to leave because he knows he’s toothless in this scenario and he doesn’t want to get it rung around his neck like Pamela Landy.

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People that have done a thing before are the type of candidate anyone with a pulse wants to start with. I’m astounded by how some of you think:

  1. guy succeeds in a junior position moving up to sr position at bigger firm (that’s fine)
  2. guy succeeds in senior position moving up to bigger firm (that’s fine)
  3. guy succeeds in senior position in the same environment (NO RETREADS)

Queue the narratives to explain the illogical…

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See that’s the thing about floating. Sometimes whispers float. Sometimes it’s turds.

The extension should never have been 4-5 years. That’s a golden parachute.

IMO, a two year extension is plenty with one or two year extensions after that point in time.

If the coach.doesn’t agree, we keep on looking for a replacement, unless of course, Tilman feels generous, which is what got us in this mess in the first place.

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…Or give him the years just not the huge buyout.

Don Fertitta did his buddy a solid and if you follow the 48 Laws of Power, one of the obvious rules is NEVER HIRE YOUR FRIEND IN A LEADERSHIP POSITION.

It clouds your judgement on making an accurate evaluation of his/her performance.


If Dana rubs you the wrong way GP is going to be 10x worse. If he gets here and can’t win quick you guys are going to want him out with that personality of his.


I think his extension was 3 years. He still had 3 years left in his original contract.

The issue wasn’t the extension. It’s the buyout.


You don’t seem to understand what the puppet master implies. No more back and forth, you read what I posted and I yours.

no…the puppet master is accurate.

Don Fertitta wants, and acts with, full control over everything within his empire…that includes the University of Houston Football program.

The Billionaire Buyer (his own nickname btw) likes being in full control, pulling all of the strings.

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“This whole thing feels like Tillman did everything he could to get us in the big12 which would not be possible without him. Once that happened he turned it over to Pez and Dana for football.”
“Once Pez got the keys he wrecked the whole thing.”

C’mon Man, Tilman wrecked the whole thing, he hired Applewhite and Dana. He’s the one behind Dana’s extension and buyout. For football Pez is basically a ‘gofer’. We’re doomed until Tilman relinquishes control of the football program.

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I would not speak ill of Tilman this way. Dude is a Coog to the core. Sure he has led the charge on a bad coaching hire but he has done wonders for the school