Tilman rips Big12

Tillman let it fly. I am so glad to have him in our corner and a true Cougar.


Here’s the link to the radio interview. UH part is mostly in the first video which lasts about 21 minutes (second one gets more into Billion Dollar Buyer and politics).

He also went on the Triple Threat on 610 (same show that our ex-coach blacklisted) and gave a similar interview:

Article about the 610 interview

You can tell from his answer on Art Briles that he may be considered but most likely he won’t be given an interview. At least, that’s how I read it.

I am so glad he did this as it needed to be said. The bigger issue is this type of mentality of it’s all about us will ruin the state of Texas. There is no I in team. The should be opened up to all Tier 1 universities. I think the leadership at UT should have a bigger role in managing the state schools getting PUF money. I have no doubt that this would benefit the state.

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Yes, the PUF being allocated to UT (mostly) and A&M does not benefit the very large and great state of Texas. Such allocations hurt other Tier 1 Texas universities (like UH) that have a history and potential of making Texas look good.