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Arizona Radio Host tweeted out some expansion related info; take for what you will as I have no idea why he would be passing along this information. This would sort of explain the UH plane going to Provo last week though:


From the TV partners’ point of view, choosing two teams instead of four makes a lot of sense. It would cost only $40 million instead of $80 million. Regardless of the terms of the TV contract with the Big 12, the TV partners have signaled loud and clear that they’re not willing to pony up $80 million. I think adding two teams – BYU and Houston – is where we’ll end up.

Well so much for a traveling partner for WVa.

BYU in one galaxy far far away west and the mt’neers in another east

and the rest in the middle.


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The good: UH gets a ride on the P5 train and this probably keeps the B12 together past 2024, (no reason to jump from a crap conference with good $)
The Bad: BYU will probably not take a large buy-in period as they already make decent money. UH might have to shoulder a higher portion of that money.

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My guess is that the Big 12 would treat each expansion team the same. UH gets in to the Big 12 on UT’s coattails. Maybe UH gets a better buy-in clause while riding BYU’s coattails.

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It seems we have a good relationship with BYU and we both are emphasizing the fact that we are the top candidates who fit all the criteria. Interesting that CTH has been flying to Provo and huddling with BYU braintrust recently…I think Tim Montemayor’s analysis is dead on target…We will likely have some money hardships the first few years compared to other members, but we are used to it…

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All these different promising scenarios and the road signs are starting to look like …

AND I am starting to feel sympathetic to Bart and Lisa

:confused: … :relaxed:

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Does it mean CTH has gone to Provo or just that the plane has gone there? Hopefully Renu and Tilman can git r dun. UC doesn’t have a president at the moment.

To me, it’s unknown who all of the UH folks were that were on that particular plane trip. However, it does seem unlikely that CTH was involved.


I highly doubt CTH was traveling to Austin and Provo. I think those flights could have had UH representatives, but not the ol’ football coach.



Cincy has been rudderless/clueless/adrift at sea EVER SINCE …

Previous Cincy prez Ono flew the coop to his alma mater in Canada and left the bearkats in the lurch

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Was it Cinci that fired board members as well? Or was that Lousiville?


More from Montemayor last night:

UH, BYU, San Diego State, Cincinnati. Its a no brainner.
The PAC12 does not want to expand? Fine, San Diego State represents a major recruiting hotbed for ALL PAC12 Teams. Think of how many NFL, NBA and MLB players that come/came from the greater San Diego area. At the same time San Diego State gets to play in the central time zone…unlike PAC12 Teams. San Diego is also America’s 8th city. This would be a huge "coup"
Recruiting is the reason that the PAC12 has not expanded into San Diego. Does that sound similar?
The Chargers are now this close to leave for Los Angeles in a few months. There are already some advanced plans for an SDSUl stadium. This will also help bring an MLS team to San Diego.
The big question will be for FOX and ESPN. Will the PAC12 let that happened?
BYU is a brand by itself and is an historical San Diego State opponent.
Cincinnati is WV traveling partner.
The small12 is divided into two divisions, West and…East.

San Diego is an awesome city, but there is very little chance SDSU is getting in. No one has much interest in watching SDSU outside of SoCal, and going coast to coast with a conference is not a wise idea.

With regard to the Big12, the smartest thing to do is to go ahead and add 4 teams. However, they are completely dysfunctional which means they will only go halfway and add both Coogs.

Yepp they have about as likely a chance as the U. of Trondheim in Norway.

The Big12 expansion landscape is changing faster than those lava flows from that volcano in Hawaii.

Fortunately for us the horns are holding firm to their choice with apparently some help from the sooners …

Four would alleviate the drama but Fox/ESPN ARE NOT COOPERATING … two seems the only choice with some reluctance from ESPN and none from Fox.

As I see it … its UT’s choice … or … the highway (no expansion)

and the Big12 is back to square one

Kind of sounds like at the moment the Big 12 is sort of drifting towards adding just BYU and us as a bone thrown towards TV.

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The interests of ESPN and Fox may not be 100% aligned, but it seems both networks agree that it is best to stop or at least minimize Big 12 expansion. BCSNN’s C. Austin Cox is the only writer I’m aware of that says Fox is in favor of expansion and ESPN is not. Because Cox doesn’t seem fully aware of Fox’s conference affiliations (specifically that Fox recently acquired first tier rights to the Big 10), I discount his claim that Fox is in pursuit of additional content. Given that all other sportswriters are in agreement that ESPN and Fox want to minimize Big 12 expansion, I conclude that Cox is an unreliable outlier.

The writers that are “in agreement that ESPN and FOX want to minimize Big 12 expansion” are all referring to the same single story that says that. Fox isn’t gaining all of the Big 10 first tier rights. In fact I think it came down to about two games a week if I remember right, though I think they get first pick.

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