Time to move on from Tune

I know Holgersen won’t do it this year, but I hope he has an open mind to allow Massoud or someone else to compete for starting QB next year.

I know there are many other issues on this team but Tune isn’t helping the solution. Tune is a serviceable college QB, but that’s about it. A Mediocre QB will not lead a team to a championship. Quarterback is the one position that makes the biggest difference. Tune has a lot of arm talent but makes too many mistakes and bad decisions when plays go off script. I also believe he has played enough games to display what he is going to be.

Good teams have QBs with playmaking ability that make their team better. Tune can play well enough to win a few games, but he is not capable of putting a team on his back to win if other things aren’t working. Tune does not make the team better.

Tune will still have another two years of eligibility after this year and if Holgersen is not willing to look beyond him, it may cost him his job.


What makes you or anyone else think there won’t be competition for EVERY position next year…except maybe punter?

We knew Massoud would red shirt, Dana said as much. Offensive linemen are going to red shirt too, unless they are just phenomenal.


I think left guard might make the biggest difference, and I have two major data points in support: Tom Brady’s NFL career, and the two years Matt Schaub took the Texans to the playoffs.

This guy you can’t mention in any QB situation. As Bill Obrien. Matt Shaub was just as worse. It got to the point where people found out where the guy lived and burnt his jerseys.

I saw enough last year to indicate to me he wasn’t quite right for the position. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt this year. He’s proving me right, unfortunately.


because dana said as much before the season…before spring practice in January, he said tune would be our starting qb for the next 2 years, and this was before spring practice even happened before massoud took a snap…there was no competition this year

in a different interview dana said we are going to enjoy watching tune play for the next 2 years as the starter

when maddox committed he said he was told he would be able to compete for the starting job as a sophomore (insinuating he was told tune would be our qb his freshman year)

all of these quotes are preseason quotes, so dana might have changed his mind. but in an interview last week said he loved how tuned has played this year, except cincy, that doesnt mean there wont be open competition but shows he still high on tune…
dana made it clear there wasnt a competition and tune was our guy

im with the OP that i hope dana changed his mind and willing to open up the qb competition and brings some guys in, im not against tune starting but make him earn it


you’re overthinking this. he’ll put the player whom he thinks is best out there to play; we may not agree with his choice, but that’s how it goes


QB is the most important position on any team, and the fumble-scoop-touchdown was a backbreaker. Does the center have some responsibility for centering the ball high? Just a thought.

Historically, we always do better with dual threat, Greg Ward, Case Keenum, D’Erik King type quarterbacks . Since we never have been able to recruit 4-5 star OL, we need scrambling qbs


I agree with the dual threat quarterback comment. It always helps when you can have a quarterback play as a third running back out of the backfield. It adds another dimension to the offense. The offense of line is another issue that needs to be addressed.

Aside from our personal, I really think we need to go with the a new offensive coordinator that can add a little more creativity to the offense. Regardless of the brief scoring run in the 4th quarter yesterday, our offense looks way too vanilla. We’re nowhere close to the scoring threat of offenses in years past

Just because Tune doesn’t run, doesn’t mean he can’t run. He has done a great job of escaping the rush and running when he has to. I believe he is coached to throw first and run second. He was very successful running the ball against USF. He made a critical first down using his legs yesterday. He also ran for a TD. I honestly don’t know what you guys are watching.


CDH is establishing a pocket passing culture at UH. He wants to establish a strong running game. If so, it’s incumbent on him to recruit better OL prospects. As far as I can tell, at least for the time being, the dual threat QB option at UH is a thing of the past.

I’m supportive of CDH until it is proven his vision and strategy to establish a new style of offense doesn’t work, in which case, he’ll be removed in two years. Of course, it means we’ll have to start over with a new coach with a new vision and how long it will take him to succeed is unknown, but one thing for sure, there will be plenty of critics playing arm chair HC to doubt his every move.


The guy brought us back from 3 tds in the 4th and put is in position to win in a possible OT smh…


When the same thing happened to the Texans and Watson last week, the center took all of the blame and the snap wasn’t that bad. it was at Watson’s knee. Here, it is only blamed on Tune. Yet, at the time he was trying to bring the ball down, there was a defender in his face and the RB hit his elbow. But, of course the “hate Tune” crowd only wants to blame him. I swear, some of you “fans” really make me wonder.


It took most of the LSU season to realize that the successor of Joe Burrow was a frosh.


I don’t remember those interviews, maybe done via radio, which I never listen to. I listen to all of the interviews posted to the the FB and YouTube though. So, if that is the case, he shouldn’t have said it even if it is what he is thinking, imo. I know why he would think it, too, and I agree with the philosophy. It’s an old school philosophy, but I still agree with it. It is good that he is telling new recruits to expect to redshirt. That may explain why we don’t have so many commits right now.

It’s really hard to start a true or redshirt freshman over an experienced player even if they do have a lot of natural talent. Next year, Tune will have 3 years of Holgorsen’s playbook under his belt which should be good for the offense. You gotta believe Massoud has the inside tract for 2022, UNLESS Tune comes returns for that year. Then, we would see some battling going on for the QB job.

O-line still needs help with run blocking but our pass protection was much better this year.


I am with you Mike. Some on this board ARE DELUSIONAL.

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I’m sure he feels it was just as much his fault. He didn’t get a press conference like Tune did so you don’t know how he felt but I’m sure not good. This wasn’t the only play that cost us. The two field goals , the interception, the penalties and the defense and play calls didn’t help the entire game. We tied it up and the defense couldn’t give us 28 seconds. all of it hurt.

I don’t think it’s time to move on from Tune yet. Is he great? No. Has he improved a lot from last year? Yes. He has shown maturity in check downs, getting out of the pocket instead of the happy feet stuff, progression reads look a lot better. We’re 3-3 in a good conference. We beat Navy and Tulane who both beat us last year. Let’s give him a chance. Curious how he’ll do in a bowl where team doesn’t know us as well.

Those of you calling for Tunes job are fighting a futile fight anyway. He will be the starter in 2021.


Next year, Tune won’t have 3 years of Holgorsen’s playbook under his belt until after the season. Right now, he is at the end of his 2nd year – a partial year at that. He is limited by a weak OL; so weak in fact that CDH said earlier that he hasn’t used his whole offense in order to protect his QB. That should tell anyone wanting to know the problem, exactly what it is.

Building an OL is not an overnight fix; it takes several years of recruiting and development. When you have freshmen and true sophs starting, you either have those special players or you are desperate. Bama gets those special players, we are desparate.