Time to start gearing up

Did some searching today, here’s some stuff I found that I thought was cool or interesting. I don’t get any referal fees or anything on these. Check each of the links as I may only highlight a couple items for some.

Helmet Hoodies, looks like a uniform and helmet but the hood can zip off. Several styles and may offer some customization.

Cornborn apparel - new but I like some of their designs, mens, womens and kids. I particularly like their Echo design and the vertical designs. They have a lot of choices of apparel for each design, shirts, sweats, tank tops, etc.

Logo tire shades (covers) for tailgating - looks cool on an RV https://hollandbarstool.com/product-categories/logo-products/college-teams/university-houston/university-houston-logo-tire-shade.html

If you’re familiar with the Hooey brand (I’m not) - they have several hats.

Also, headbands from Junk Brands

Presale going on for some Shasta & Sasha bobble heads.

Prep sportswear lets you choose various logos or designs plus choice of apparel. I liked this one which is also available in short sleeve.

Root does some hand sign stuff.

I don’t use these tumblers much but I like this particular design from Tervis.

Timeless tartans has socks for us. Not sure if I like the tartan they designed but overall I like these socks.

Hype and Vice has a lot of women’s apparel that probably skews more towards college students but has some cool designs. I like the red & white sweatpants particularly.

Soho has youthful women’s apparel that is good for all ages.

Established & Company has mostly women’s apparel similar to Hype and Vice but has a few men’s shirts and has a very nice UH patch that you could add to a jacket, blanket or something.

Then if you want yard signs, picture frames and home decor try KH


That helmet hoodie is … odd.

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Will they sell jerseys this year? All I see at the shop is red #4. I was hoping for different numbers. Or better yet names and numbers with the players getting NIL money.

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I doubt it. I would imagine the demand isn’t high enough to get an NFL type situation

I picked up one of these for me and my wife last year.
Nike Men’s Houston Cougars Red Game Football Jersey | Richards Sporting Goods (dickssportinggoods.com)

There are also the places below. I think they do basketball jerseys too. I am waiting until we get to the BIG12 or whatever it becomes so I get that patch. Good luck!

Houston Cougars Custom Jersey White College Football – Top Design Fan

NCAA Houston Cougars College Football Jerseys Sale Official Store! (houstoncougarsjerseysale.club)

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I live in KC now. This is a local company that does a ton of KU / Mizzou gear.

I have two of their shirts and they are really great quality.

I’ve been pestering them to make more Houston gear. They seem open to it.

Got this from Facebook. This is all at Sam’s Club in Friendswood.


I have been looking on and off for a UH full zip up hoodie. Years ago I saw a nice one but was kind of expensive so I held off. Now I wish I had gotten it.

If anyone sees one, please post?

New bobblehead in my future…

Get a new hat.

This is my current chapeau


For the big spender

I also picked this up on my shopping trip across the border in Progresso last week. I’m ready!

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Wow ! That is the most UH gear in one store I have seen ! Great post !

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