Time to start King at QB

Build something


Time to look at next year - pull the redshirt off the kid from Tyler John Tyler and let the chips fall where they may.


Bryson Smith needs a look as well

Nah, give King a shot over the last 4 games and see what he can do.

Keep Bryson on the shelf until next year and you’ve got him for four more years.


I’m ok with giving King the reins the rest of this season, too. Have no desire to see the same crap we’ve seen thus far. Nothing to lose at this point.

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Yep. Couldn’t agree more.

I would love to start building with King at QB for the rest of the year, but I don’t think Applewhite is smart enough to do it.


I wonder who’s getting the second string reps in practice. Is Bryson leading the scout team?

Is King going to play defense and not surrender 42 points in the second half? On what earth does King throw for 300+ yards tonight like Postma? We passed the ball well enough for a win. We ran the ball well enough for a win, and we scored 38 points. Thirty-eight…That’s enough points to beat most teams in the country. Giving up 42 will have you lose quite a bit of games. King is not the answer to a whole host of issues.


Excellent point! It was on the defense tonight.

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I totally agree the QB does not matter. It’s the game planning and adjustments.

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I don’t disagree with you other than maybe King doesn’t turn the ball over 3 times in the 4th quarter.

At this point in the season, if King is even an option at QB past this year, you might as well give him game reps and see what you have in him. You know what you have with Allen/Postma, time to see what the youngster can do.


Why do you think we’d do better with King. We still won’t have any half-time adjustments by the coaching staff. The Dbacks will still continue to play zone against good passing. Our problem isn’t all quarterbacking. It’s incompetent coaching.


I’d rather just see a QB with game time experience. Let King get some experience.

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I don’t now if King will make us better or not, but what’s the point of starting Postma/Allen going forward. Neither will be with the team past this year and you might as well find out if King can be the guy going forward.

I’m looking past this year at this point.


It’s not about doing better right now. It’s about doing better down the road. No disrespect to Postma. Will always be grateful for 2015 comeback which without we lose to Memphis 4years in a row.

This loss is reslly on the defense but it hit the fan.


I’m all for the King decision, I just think people should go in with leveled expectations. He’s a true sophomore with zero starting experience at QB. Who knows, maybe it’s time for the King era, regardless. We’ll see.

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I agree, expectations should be tempered at this point.

My hope right now is that we finish 6-5 and get to a bowl game.


As do I.

Next year, we’ll be ready. No Flowers, no Fergie, and hopefully Frost leaves UCF for another job. lol

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Frost and Norvell are probably gone. Rumors are that Strong may leave USF as well as he isn’t happy with the support. I think Morris is gone from SMU as he’s ready to go…just may not be A&M. Ferguson and Flowers are out.

UCF should be good again next year though; they’ve got some talent.

Navy will always be tough with Coach Ken. Do wonder if he may leave though. Oregon State may come after him from what I’ve heard and that would be a good fit.

Scared about Coach Fritz at Tulane

West should be wide open next year. Coogs should be favored with the talent returning.