Times Field was rushed for beating UH

In my days I can’t remember the field ever being rushed after us losing a game in Football.

Anyone have an idea when this has happened in past.

Texas 1990

UTEP 2009

UConn 2015

Navy 2016

SMU 2016

Tulane 2019

Texas Tech 2022


ut in 1990? That was the year before I got to UH but I believe I’ve heard that

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Longhorns did it in the 90’s at memorial stadium

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I stand corrected,

I think I need some medication for my memory. Unless I just erase bad thoughts.


I was there.

We are a high profile team to beat! :slight_smile:


I vividly remember those 18 Tulane fans just going crazy.

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I was at Texas for the game in 1990. It’s how we knew we arrived, when Texas beating Houston was a big deal.

…and you remember the puf funded university located in Austin fans throwing beer at us, calling us every insult ever created. They were so happy that it clearly showed me the immense potential that we have.
The last school that wanted us in a P5 is them.
Don’t worry friends we will have our chance to dominate them again. I have no doubts about it.


Joking aside… we really are in a great position despite the painful loss. Being back in a “power” conference next year will further legitimize us. I honestly believe that the national media treat us pretty well… we get our far share of recognition and rankings despite being G5. We have a brand that will continue to improve… that is why our Big 12 brothers are so nervous. :slight_smile:


I was there. No beer, but I was pelted with plastic spoons, and texas fans demanding to see my ticket. I don’t think I could ever go to another game, there. I’d end up in jail.

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Yep we were highly ranked with Jenkins and the RUN-Shoot offense and lost our only game in Austin to a very fired team and fanbase.

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Tulane was 2019

You’re right. More foolishness from Dana.

Meh. Qb that was trying not to get banged up before his infamous reshirt/transfer. 54% pass completion his first 4 games, btw.

And now he’s not playing football on Sundays.

what about UTEP?

There’s a lot of fear, jealousy and envy sometimes by Texas programs of UH, just the plain truth. So rushing the field is a act of relief and jubilation when they defeat us especially if we are riding high in the national press and there not.