Times Higher Education World University Rankings released

For the 1st time, a non-US University (Oxford) is #1. The nearly 1,000 campuses on the list represent the top 5 percent of the world’s best and most elite colleges.

UH was ranked 351-400 out of 978 schools.

Big 12 rankings
50 - Texas
351-400 - Oklahoma
351-400 - Kansas
351-400 - Iowa State
501-600 - Oklahoma State
501-600 - Kansas State
601-800 - Texas Tech
Unranked - Baylor
Unanked - TCU
Unranked - West Virginia

Expansion Candidate rankings
87 - Rice
201-250 - Cincinnati
201-250 - USF
301-350 - Colorado State
301-350 - UCONN
351-400 - Tulane
Unranked - Air Force
Unranked - BYU
Unranked - SMU
Unranked - UCF

Other Texas School rankings
169 - Texas A&M
201-250 - UT Dallas
351-400 - UTSA
501-600 - UT Arlington
601-800 - UTEP

Digging a little deeper, our ranking was unchanged from last year. We were ranked 301-350 two years ago.

Information about how they rank schools:
Our team of data experts evaluates world-class universities against 13 separate performance indicators, covering the full range of a top university’s essential areas of activity: research; interaction with business; international outlook; and, uniquely, the teaching environment.

I was wondering why we tied with UTSA so I pulled some raw data of the scores I could see (overall scores are withheld along with data from schools in the Top 200):

So UTSA basically got its ranking from Citations. USF’s Industry Income is extremely high. Unfortunately, I can’t really dig any deeper as there’s nothing provided to show how they calculated the numbers.

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