Tip-off Times Set



Not liking the 11:30 tipoff with SMU, but I guess I will make it up by going to church Sunday night lol. Just want to win them all…

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(paywall probably)

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Paywall :unamused:

?Weird? It came up for me…

Maybe I’ve read my limit already. I tried 3 times

I don’t really recall reading much from them, but it could be over few yr span. Who knows , I read a lot. Bottomline if you send article ftom an actual newspaper, it will sooner than later have paywall. They are Not Free. No biggie on missing PennyThoughts!

Yep paywall got me too…

I guess you need a Quarter to read on Penny!

Edit: sorry , I had to. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Maybe he can build a program like ours in 2026 when UH, UCF, and Cinci are gone and the next best team would be either Tulane or UAB lol


I really want to beat them on Saturday.


11:30??? Maaaaaaan, they better serve coffee and grits for that game! #grumpyoldman lol

On this inappropriate thread I will post my confession.

The loss to SMU was entirely my fault because I did not wear the right hat. I didn’t remember until the very last few seconds, too late to win.

I promise to repent but I will need the support of my brethren, especially those who are aware of the importance of my wearing the right cap.

Glue that dang thing to your head on Saturday!


Is the 11:30 a.m. SMU game going to be on a major network?


I hope that means we are getting a better network on TV for these games, otherwise I hate when the networks jack with iur schedule like this.

Well, looks like they moved our game to 8am against Cincinnati to just put it on SMU. Was thinking with that time we at least get ESPN2.

Every remaining gm is either on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU - 1 gm, CBS. Only exception at moment is @ Tulane–ESPN+ , but that can change to E2 or EU sometimes as gms get closer .

Holy cow. With SMU, that’s 3 games in 5 days!!

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Let’s see what we’re made of…