I agree, we should get rid of tipping. It’s everywhere now. Pay your workers a fair wage.


If you can’t afford to tip then you shouldn’t be eating out at a restaurant…

A lot of tip requests in other industries are ridiculous, though.


It is getting frustrating. When I get to Fertitta Center, I always buy a couple bottles of water from one of the free standing kiosks. They always turn the machine around with a prompt for a tip. All they did was turn around, grab 2 bottles of water and hand it to me. Is that really worth a tip? I think not.


I’m not talking restaurants mostly but places like the carwash, its a self serve place, why are they asking for a tip when you pay? Or at a cupcake place. Or any counter serve place. You don’t deserve a tip.


When I go to a restaurant for a sit down meal attended to by a server, I want/expect good, courteous, prompt service. I also expect the server to be knowledgeable about the menu items and make suggestions as needed. Of course they don’t have direct responsibility for the quality of the meal but I also expect advocacy if the food is subpar.
That’s worth a 20% minimum tip in my estimation.

But yeah putting out a tip jar, say, at a self serve place is a little much…


There’s a lot of backlash about the overabundance of tipping requests. It’s become ridiculous


US customers subsidize the wages of restaurant servers through tipping. Or they could through higher prices as in Europe.

From the web: The minimum cash wage for servers in Texas is the same as the tipped minimum wage in Texas, which is $2.13 per hour. This is the minimum per hour a Texas server must pay and a Texas employer must pay its servers.

Should it be a sliding scale? If I order a regular meal 20% isn’t too bad, but if I order up a nice bar tab, 20% is a huge amount. Doesn’t seem right.

Nah… 20% is what you should pay for ordering so much…

Again… If you can’t afford the tip then you probably can’t afford to run up a huge bill on drinks and should just make them at home.

I have no idea what the servers in Fertitta Center get paid as an hourly wage. However, it is probably minimum wage or just slightly above. So tips for them are important. I try to have dollar bills in my pocket to leave them a buck for the one or two cans for wife and me. I tell the server I am leaving a cash tip.

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Who says you can’t afford it. Still doesn’t make it right.

You can afford to get ripped off, but that doesn’t mean you should.

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That’s the agreement we have between us as customers and them as servers… The low server wage allows more restaurants to be opened therefore providing you more variety…

You stay at that seat longer by ordering more drinks… You should tip the percentage over the entire period (aka your entire bill) because you’re occupying that server’s table… Someone else could be sitting there and tipping at 20% across their entire bill.

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The restaurant still must make sure their employees are at least making minimum wage (7.25 in TX). If the hourly rate plus tips don’t equal out to 7.25/hour, the restaurant must make up the difference. So the employees are still making at least minimum wage, not just 2.13/hour.

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If a waiter makes minimum wage equivalent then they’ll leave for a better restaurant setting

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If someone isn’t waiting my table, then I don’t tip.

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It’s not just restaurants I’m talking about.

Oh yeah, elsewhere also.

If someone isn’t either a) waiting my table at an eating/drinking establishment, or b) carrying my bags in a travel related function, then I don’t tip.

I never tip at any counter-serve or self-serve operation of any kind.

I used to tip the barber about a buck, but I cut my own hair now. SAVES MONEY!!!

That’s why I don’t have a problem with tipping 20% when its good service. Many of these folks probably work long hours for low pay.

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Losing your hair saves even more. :rofl::rofl:


Tell me about it!