To the football only fans

Cougar basketball is going for 6-0 tomorrow night with a game @ LSU. It’s going to be on the SEC Network or you can use Watch ESPN.

Just thought I’d give a heads up. If you would rather watch reruns of NCIS or Bones, it’s ok. It’s 2016, no gay shaming here.


8 PM Central

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Our Coogs are now receiving votes in the AP Top 25 poll. Hopefully more people will start paying attention to what Sampson is doing with our b-ball program.


Coog bball > Herman


Watch the Cougars when they’re away, and come to Hofheinz if your schedule allows it. They really need us.


I had let my basketball season tickets go in a fit of pique over the ‘no more anytime seats’ thing. I was still going to attend quite a few games but I wasn’t happy with the whole process. Today my wife, in an effort to get me out of my post-CTH funk, and because I’ve been talking up the BB team, called the ticket office and bought season tickets for my birthday.

My wife is pretty awesome!


Pssst…they still have the anytime tickets.


I know they brought them back…but they jumped the price up quite a bit. The season ticket will work for me.

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I tried to buy anytime tickets, couldn’t find them on line, asked the ticket office, and they told me they didn’t have them. After I bought mine this year, I saw that they were now selling them…