To those that predicted that we'd get blown out

I owe you all a huge apology.

I truly never imagined that we’d be THIS bad.

I never imagined our defense would be this inept, our preparation this lacking, and our offense this out of synch.

Truly an embarrassment.


It was obvious that Army would beat us soundly. I just didn’t expect this level of incompetence.


What in CMA’s background would have led you to believe he was competent as a head coach ?

Have to really worry about the hiring strategy…maybe just an over reaction to Herman telling us adios.


I wasn’t happy with him as OC. I was less than pleased when he was promoted


He needs to be fired, plain and simple.


Our team is basically playing with a skeleton crew of starters and mostly backups. Our DL are all backups – and when starting small freshmen DL’ backed by small freshmen, you have a recipe for disaster. Add to that they are going up against an offense they haven’t played against and it gets worse.

On offense, we had a freshman who wasn’t ready and too many injuries. Add in some turnovers and near turnovers and wham the gassed D is back on the field.

On top of that, we do not have a DC and our OC looks to be on his way out the door. The turmoil on the team has to have a some kind of factor.

Then you look at the other side of the line and in Army, you find a precisely operated offense and a really good defense. Army lost it’s 1st game at Duke and then only lost to OU by a TD. They are a very sound and disciplined team. They are also playing for their 3rd bowl win in a row.

So add it all up and it shows a team undermanned and unprepared and one supremely prepared and well manned. The results show that.


I thought we’d lose, but I didn’t think it would be one of the most humiliating losses in school history.


We just lost by 56 to a service academy on ESPN.


Gosh, do I look stupid for ever having criticized those that predicted a blowout.

I feel completely humbled and shamed!!!

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It was an embarrassing loss but Army is good.

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I thing CMA had done to this point said that this would be a close game. A team that can run up the middle and play disciplined defense screamed a blow out. I would love to see all the records teams set on us this season. And next year this is our defense. Wow.

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I’m not sure about that.

They’ve beaten Eastern Michigan, Liberty, Colgate, and Lafayette as their worst wins. Actually their entire 10 win resume is one of the worst you could see in Div 1A level.

As Red80 said UH would’ve lost 70 to whatever to almost every bowl team considering their state of affairs


They also should have beat OU

UH’s worst wins are on par. Army is better, period. And as mentioned, they were very competitive with OU. Coogs would not be, and I’m already worried about the Norman game next year. Could be UH at Michigan, Miami or Illinois all over again.

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I was wrong about us and the score. What I didn’t expect was the absolute surrender by Applewhite when it became clear we were out matched and that our defense was helpless in stopping them and the O line helpless in protecting Tune. Failure at the top by the head coach. We need a dc who can teach these kids to tackle as well as putting in a better scheme.

Thought we’d lose and that -6.5 was way too low for Army to be favored by. Never fathomed we’d give up 70 and lose by 56. I was thinking more like 38-21.

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No need to apologize; I wanted to be wrong. Didn’t see them hanging 70 on us though.

Absolutely better today. But what about say, that healthy UH team from September vs Army.

Houston was a shell this afternoon. Only possible explanation to this biggest blowout in bowl history

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What is our worst loss ever? I was at the UT game in '82 when they beat us 50 to 0. Has there been a worse differential?