To watch this video I get a bit emotional. We have come so far

and so many have sacrificed and worked hard to get us here. It will effect generations of Texans.

I wonder if the guy that did this video would do another video?


Yeah, it would be nice to have another video like this done with highlights from our 2015 season. Watching that video made me appreciate what we were able to accomplish in 2015 so much more. It has been a fun ride to say the least. Go Coogs!

great video, I’m pumped…Brian Pool…I want a burger!

This is a great video! Would love to see this same intro, yet updated with highlights from 2015 season and Peach Bowl victory. Just splice in 2015 and we’re good!

Go Coogs!

This is a great video. Thank you for sharing it.

I shot the company that made it a email asking if they were going to update it or create another one. I will let yall know what they say.

Great video. The narrator almost sounds like Morgan Freeman.


Article with the creators. The video ended up winning quite a few awards including 3 Emmys:

The story we wanted to make wasn’t just about a football team and how many championships they had won. But it was one that told the story of the process, and the sheer dedication that these athletes need in order to achieve greatness. And when Coach Herman joined the team, we knew this was a total game changer.

This is what this is all about, US, UH and the entire greater Houston area.
Thank you very much for the video.

Watching this video made me go searching for other 2015 highlight videos to help me pass the time until Sept. 3, including the one below. I hope Lakes Creates keeps putting out these masterpieces.

Best of UH Football 2015 from Lakes Creates on Vimeo.

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