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Congress Considers Recommending End to Ban On Use Of HRSA Funds For Dental Therapists

Dr Bicuspid Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (12/9, Busch) reports, “U.S. legislators are considering a proposed appropriations bill of approximately $1.4 trillion that includes a provision which, if approved, would permit federal funding for dental therapists in the fiscal year 2023.” That is because it “recommends that the Bureau of Health Workforce…eliminate the ban on using Health Resources and Service Administration funds to support dental therapists.”

I didn’t realize there were that many dental therapists.

A good decision, a lot of diseases start in the mouth or are first noticed in the mouth. How can you not think dentistry should be part of a holistic approach to overall health and make it more easily acessed through health insurance schemes


What is a dental therapist?


That is exactly what I thought when I read the headline and prior to reading the article I figured that maybe it was referring to a dentist and hygienist as a combo. But apparently they do exist and are basically what a physicians assistant is to a MD. I have never met one or know of any that practice in my area or Houston for that matter.

I was just imagining my teeth laying on a couch complaining about my sugar intake.


I will use the services of “Dental Therapists” the day after I voluntarily use the services of a physician assistant.

My delicate body needs folks with lots of post graduate professional education with board certifications.

I can promise you that most dental office lunchrooms contain more candy than most folks pantries.

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