Today’s air force

Meh, I fail to see what I’m supposed to be outraged about, especially after reading the slides vs the headline.


Grievance, whine, culture wars…rinse and repeat.


Now the right is hating on the military?


Not surpising they hate on the police, doj and FBI too.


What do you expect from literal traitors?

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Showing your leftism

Hardly. I’m showing my this doesn’t rise to my level of outrageism.

And culture war doesn’t equal conservative. But work on cancelling this program for the Air Force if it make you feel better.

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It’s a Fox News piece. They really work their viewers on things to
be outraged over. Gotta convince ‘em their country is being DESTROYED.
It keeps that message to them out there.

Outrage $ells.


To be fair it’s the air force. You don’t need trained hardened killers for the air force. Really you just people who can successfully learn to fly and/or disassociate their actions ie the bomb dropping from the on the ground effects. Who the f cares about their training language? Did the bomb hit the right spot? Did it go boom? Then the system works.

But this is all pearl clutching for the folks who need to clutch pearls about something on a weekly basis.

You guys get nuttier by the day…so mom dad boyfriend and girlfriend are forbidden…where does it stop??

What we need is a bunch of confused people who don’t know what a woman is

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Don’t give a crap about it. Can they drop a bomb? Fix the plane? Fly the plane or drone? Cool, make the things, people and places go boom. It can be a gender neutral boom just fix the plane and bomb the something or someone. If that’s happening how the superiors choose to waste their people’s time in mostly pointless training isn’t concerning to me.


I couldn’t have described the far right any better.

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