Tom Herman and Players Weekly Press Conference 17 Oct 2016

Tom Herman Weekly Press Conference (10.17.16)

Cam Malveaux, Dillon Birden, & Garrett Davis Press Conference 10.17.16

Football Teleconferences Week 7: Houston Head Coach Tom Herman

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I just listened to the teleconference. My thoughts on the last couple minutes of the the interview:

CTH said he would rather be a top team in the AAC than be in the Big12 with the smallest budget and least amount of talent.

This comments is very surprising. It leads me to believe that even if we had been invited to the Big12 it was not a given he would stay at UH.

It also leads me to believe he really likes being at the top of the G5 mountain so to speak. He likes winning ball games. I think he stays if we keep winning.

I understand UT and LSU are great jobs. But with Fertitta saying on twitter that basically Herman has a blank check, the only reason to leave is for a national championship.

I truly think CTH is too comfortable to jump ship after 2 years. He seems perfectly fine with where he is right now. If this was CTH 5th year and LSU/UT came open then maybe it’s a different story.

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I thought that was a very interesting insight into CTH as well. He doesn’t usually talk that openly with specifics like that so its obvious he’s mapped it out in his head as to what he wants to do. Normally, I listen to those things in the background while I’m doing other things, but I had to go back and relisten to that part.

I agree with you, I almost think he would have left if we ended up in the Big 12 or only stayed a year. Makes complete sense when you think about what he says. Look at West Virginia and TCU (1st year and this year), without the resources of an OU or UT or OSU, you take your career into your own hands at that point.

OSU comes calling after Meyer retires, we don’t have a chance in hell of keeping him. Same for a school like Alabama. But I’m not even sure he goes to UT at this point; not unless he believes their issues are cleared up (interim AD Perrin probably isn’t going to win him over). I may be wrong on all this, but CTH seems like a truly genuine guy.

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CTH mentioned this during the press conference; looks like he followed through:

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