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Watch that video and anyone that still says CTH was focused on other jobs this week is a damn fool!!! The man cares and is vested 24x7.


Catching up after taking a short sabbatical to clear my mind after the loss:

I 100% agree with this. Other factors were obvious contributors, such as missing 3 of our best run stoppers on defense and Greg Ward committing 3 turn overs. Was Ward distracted by other jobs? We gifted Navy 17 points off those turnovers and still had a chance at the end to win the game. Navy just flat out beat us. They had a blocking scheme that we couldn’t figure out and they beat us with it. Hats off to them. But I don’t believe for a second that we lost this game because CTH was distracted by other jobs. He is the epitome of competitive focus and I would bet every cent I have that he hates losing more than he likes the allure of another job.

I would also say hats off to CTH for sticking to his guns on Steven Taylor. I don’t know what team rule he violated, but it has to be difficult to sit your best LB against a running team. But life lessons are more important than winning football games. I love the culture and discipline he’s instilling in these kids. It will serve them far better in life than letting them get away with whatever they want to do. Looking at you Sumlin and Briles.


Totally agree with 2002Coog on CTH sticking to his guns on Taylor. Missing Taylor, Wilson and Bowser was key to not being able to stop the triple option. We completely shut it down last year when Navy had a much better team. Our back ups did not hold their defensive positions to stopping the option. If we had shut it down like last year there is no telling how bad we would have beat Navy. However, hats off to the Midshipmen because they out played us and showed plenty of discipline. Also, had a chance to talk with a few Midshipmen during the Academy tour Friday. When I approached and asked if they would answer a question, every reply was YES SIR. They are a great bunch and glad to know they will be protecting our country.


This game felt like the UConn game last season. Played the worse all season and had many mental errors and turnovers but still had a shot to win it at the very end. But obviously this lost has a bit more weight to it.

This shows this team has the drive and talent to beat any team when they are running on most cylinders. Herman knows he can continue to make this team better.

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