Tom Herman stresses he deceived no one at UH before taking UT job

a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.


The truth: I don’t care anymore.


We’ve got too much going on to worry about someone that coached here two years and is now gone. UH was around and successful before him, and UH will survive and prosper after him.


let ME stress this…Hermie is a lying weasel.


Not trying to defend, Judas, but is he really anti social ?!

It doesn’t mean anti-social as in doesn’t want to go out. In this usage it means not caring about others in your social circle essentially.

“We’re going to help that place (UH) succeed as best we can. We have a vested interest.”

I almost threw up my breakfast. Did he buy stock in UH? UH has succeeded “recently” under Briles, Sumlin and the last head coach so it’s not like he can claim credit for continued success under Applewhite. I am surprised he did not say that UT not scheduling UH is because he has a conflict of interest with whom he wants to win. More MENSAnity.

And I wish people would do real hard-hitting interviews and instead of giving these coaches a PR platform. According to him, he never lied to a recruit or anyone close to the program and never refuted anything that was true so where are the follow up questions:

  1. Can you confirm that the ESPN reporter asking questions before the Memphis game is not someone you consider “close to the program”?
  2. Are there specific examples of particular quotes that have been attributed to you as a lie to a recruit that you care to publicly correct?
  3. Why would your All-American DL tweet that you lied to the team?
  4. What events happened that you did not have to refute to the team because you were not asked?
  5. What was the timeline for the UT position? Were you negotiating with any other schools at the same time?

Thank you, sports radio, for doing the corporate thing and let him have his platform with softball questions that were deemed “appropriate”. Let’s hope this is the last time anyone gives this guy a reason to talk about UH.


I think our frustration can be summed up perfectly in two gifs. Why he doesn’t understand this, I have no idea.


How long til the Comical links in print UT-Houston being killed to UT poaching Tom Herman?


You can just look at the timeline until that he’s lying. We are supposed to assume that there was no contact with UT before the Memphis game. The Memphis game ended on a Friday early afternoon. The plane lands in Houston carrying the team and coaches around 5 PM on Friday, and I believe he was conducting interviews with Duarte at around 7 PM. UT fire strong Saturday morning around 9 AM and then announces it is hiring Herman around 10 AM. Herman said he and UT officials met throughout the night. The question is why didn’t they just meet on Saturday especially since I believe LSU just announced they were no longer interested in Herman. This timing seems highly suspect to me.

JD has been doing a good job recently but what was the point to this article?
Was there anything else to write about us?
Did any of you expect anything else from judarman?
He gave the same answers multiple times before so why another article now?
How many times is this going to be brought up?

It has been about 7,630 days since we were in a P5. That’s real news. What about the chron concentrating their “clout” to help us get into a P5? Yes, everything help friends. Is that too much to ask from the LOCAL newspaper supposedly representing Houston?

In the Comical’s case, yes it’s too much to ask for. They’re a Baylor and UT newspaper, staffed by Baylor and UT grads, and just like everyone else associated with the Big 12 they have no interest in adding competition.

JD was 5th for a prestigious award because of his Herman leaving story. He wrote this article because it generates clicks and gets people fired up. Sadly, the media is a business; they have to generate revenue some way.

Best to look at this interview as he’s not talking to UH fans, he’s talking to UT fans and potential recruits. Look at the quote he makes about who he “cares” about and “didn’t lie to;” notice that fans and boosters aren’t mentioned. It doesn’t matter what we think anymore and anything we say against won’t be believed by the new fanbase anyway.

As far as the “helping UH” quote, I sort of believe that one, but not in the altruistic way he makes it sound. We compete with the rest of the Big12 for recruits in Texas. UT can only sign 25 players, but will have interest from many more. Wouldn’t be surprised if they try and steer a few of the guys that they won’t be able to sign to UH to keep them from other schools in the Big12. Remember what a lot of the Big12 coaches said during expansion talks: a strong UH hurts most of them.


Again, in case you are in a different City the home town paper is there to “help” in any ways it can to benefit the local School/Team. The chron does the exact opposite.
I do understand that there are many uta ans atm alums in the Houston greater area. Reading the digital non member chron it is as if the chron thinks Houstonians are on dope. There is no other way to put it.
This well oiled propaganda would not last long in other major towns.
P-S:Keep in mind that I am not writing about politics…that is another matter altogether.

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Chron just wants to make money and they see themselves as a “Texas” paper rather than just a “Houston” paper. I had a discussion with one of their editors recntly and that’s what he told me. It’s why they call their weekend sports offering “Texas Sports Nation.”

That is the main problem when you do not have competition. They want to push the uta agenda on all fronts be sports or a uth campus. It is another form of brainwashing or imposing their partisan views.
The way to respond to it is to not click on their website or buy the paper. Can Houstonians live without the chron? It should now be an easy answer with the internet and other forms of media.

I certainly can; I look forward to the day the comical folds up. When that day comes, I would like to see the UH band on their doorstep playing, “Happy days are here again.”


The printing industry is nearly extinct. Chron doesn’t even spell check. Duarte and McClain are the beat writers that matter. Overall below avg. paper.

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Current Twitter hashtag #ThingsMoreHonestThanHerman. So, crackhead #ThingsMoreHonestThanHerman. :joy:

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