Tom Herman Weekly Press Conference (8.29.16)


Tom Herman Weekly Press Conference (8.29.16)


Shots fired at the South Carolina conspiracy theorists that said Tom didn’t take their job because of the 1 loss to The Citadel. Hilarious.

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No answers through camp at the backup RB or slot positions… not exactly what we’d like to hear but it is what it is.

Did it seem like coach was pumping up Oklahoma?

He said they have the best front 7 we will face (including UH), loaded secondary, best backfield, one of the best QB’s, and best TE from whatever recruiting class he is from.

Coach speak? Or genuine warning to fans?

I am a bit worried now after hearing this press conference, and knowing samples is not playing.

the answers at Slot, who CTH said they felt good about both coming into Summer camp are hurt. Stevenson & Samples. so now u move to 3rd option which is where his concern is.

Every bit of that is true, as it was when we played Florida State. We have a very talented roster, but we’re not on OU level yet. But, as we saw in the Peach Bowl, preparation, game plan and heart can trump a talent gap. One thing I know for sure is CTH will have our guys as prepared as they can possibly be. I love that he said Greg Ward is taking more control of the offense. That means he is understanding things better and reading defenses better. I think he’s poised for an insanely good year.

You have to respect OU’s offense. In 2015, they were held to 17 points by Texas and Clemson in their two losses. In their 11 victories, they scored no less than 30 points and scored over 40 points in nine of those wins (including West Va, Baylor and Ok State so not just against Akron, Kansas, etc.). If the defense can shut down the run and make OU one-dimensional, then the UH defense has to come up with some INTs if the good guys are going to win.

UH offense should find some success and needs to own the TOP stat similar to Peach Bowl with a 34 min to 26 min TOP advantage.

Should be a great atmosphere and fun game to watch.

It’s all true.

Even though their front 7 isn’t exactly elite, it will still be the best we’ll face this year.

I’m surprised he even recognizes recruiting rankings. I wonder if he knows that those companies adjust the rankings based on the school a kid commits to.

I can understand if he said, “OU recruits really good players”. But the fact that he references the actual rankings is weird to me.

I assume he only references it when the opponent’s recruiting rank is better than UH’s. This could provide additional motivation to the team. I am going to guess that Herman does not care about the recruiting ranking unless he has something in his contract tied to it (doubtful).

I think if you listen to him talk to the team, his tone is different. Look up his pre-game speech to Florida State. I think Herman is showing genuine respect for our opponent not fear.

At the same time he knows how good this team is we are facing. I’ve watched a lot of their games last year and they are pretty scary good. Hermann’s point though is and if we lose, it’s not world ending.

The thing that SUCKS about this whole thing is this: Oklahoma loses, they still can play for the MNC. But not us should we lose.

The thing I like about it being the first game, is that we might catch them not ready to execute and they have no film on us, though each of us pretty much know what the other is going to do.

Herman did a teleconference with the Conference (national writers) as well:

About NRG:

  • Hopes to have more UH fans in the stands, at least as many as OU. Knows the Sooners travel well and have a lot in Houston.

Couple of good quotes about Ward:

  • “If my daughter was older, I’d try to hook them up/”
  • “He got 106 of 108 captain votes, I’d kind of like to know who didn’t vote for him”

How he addresses rumors:

  • Tells the truth, compliment to be mentioned
  • Loves Houston and the University of Houston. Michelle does as well.
  • Never lied and very transparent. No need to worry until he says something.
  • Not a distraction. Could be if staff and players didn’t trust him.
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