Tom Herman

Caught snippets of long interview being replayed yesterday and this evening on ESPN radio. Mentions and refers to Houston and now FAU quite a bit. Probably will be in a pod cast somewhere if u are bored.

Lets see how long he stays at FAU…

He should give them 3 yrs.

If he leaves earlier than that…same old Herman.

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Admittedly still got a soft spot for the guy even though he was a snake. Bit of a sucker for a good redemption story but we’ll see how it plays out. I hope the guy stays true to lessons learned and not repeating dysfunctional behavior .


"I’m in a little bit different place in my life in terms of looking beyond this [FAU] job.” -Tom Herman



I guess I’m just an ass, but I don’t wish well.


once you accept these guys are all mercenaries it makes it easier to not take their departures personally

who amongst us wouldnt trade the buzz he created for what we currently have - which is a buzz kill


Herman is a known quantity to us . We can manage him, somewhat, with his contract terms.He has plenty of money now . He appeared to me to enjoy wining and dinning with Tilman on the 150 ft yacht. Now Tilman has a new 250 ft ship to go with the “OLD” one.He would want to coach in the B12 and we are building the FB Ops building he wanted. It is not the worst coaching decision we could make. HTown Take over part deux ! Better the devil you know !
Go B12 Coogs!


Maybe not the worst but it would be a terrible decision nonetheless


Did any of you Vermin supports happen to notice he failed at a BIG 12 school? He went 7-6, 10-4, 8-5, 7-3.


But it’s Texas where everyone fails lol


I was hurt how he left, but it was basically like all of our coaches who left willingly left in the past 25 years. I don’t know how TU beats the issue of entitlement with their kids. Wouldn’t mind a reunion if it’s in the cards. I think he’s grown.

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Even with everything UT has and gets, just a winning record is not good enough. That said, yes, hopefully he has learned, but let him learn from burnt bridges…

possibly, but what I am suggesting is people are calling for Holgorsens head yet willing to take a traitor back that only has a slightly better record at UT than Holgorsen has at UH. The first two years at UH for CDH were a disaster but he was two wins away from having nearly the same win loss overall record as Vermin at UT. If you like Vermin then you should like CDH just as much, as long as winning, not being conned, is your goal.


I wasn’t hurt. The way he left just showcased who he is.
The guy isn’t someone you build a team around.
He built an unsustainable house of cards with his BS philosophy of we are always 100% honest with each other.


If accruing a 32-18 record, 4 bowl wins including a Sugar Bowl victory over a Top 5 Georgia and never finishing less than 4th in the conference is “failing at a Big 12 school” then some of y’all are going to be sorely disappointed quite soon.


Much different competition, not comparing apples to apples, CDH’s schedules have been easy compared to Big 12


If that’s the standard of “failure” imauh is putting forth then he’s setting his dude up lol

CTH is always a fun topic that we never tire of! :smiley:

And here I am keeping the thread alive by responding. You can’t go backward. His act worked for us by raising our visibility (and his own of course) but we need to go forward with improved facilities and a higher profile due to the conference move. If CDH isn’t the answer, we’ll know soon enough.


It isnt relative to compare schedules unless you compare recruited talent. If Vermin had the same team CDH had in 2019-2020 would his record at UT been better or worse? The point is they were each playing similar competition based on their talent pool available to them. Had we been able to recruit on a B12 level we probably would have gone 12-0 every season in the AAC.


Where did I mention that? Get a life and try a course in reading comprehension. Let me explain it again for you. If people are wanting Vermin back they are wanting back a coach with similar coaching credentials. The difference is one is a snake and the other is actually trying to build a program at UH. Did I also need to explain which is which for you?

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