Tom Herman's message at UH: run fast and hit hard

Tom Herman’s message at UH: run fast and hit hard
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At a time the NCAA is calling for a reduction in live contact during in-season practice (right now, it’s a recommendation and not a mandate), Herman is a supporter of hitting as much as possible. He’s mindful of player safety, including awareness of concussions, and says precautions can be taken, such as education and improving technique.

But Herman wants his team to practice like it will play.

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Junction Texas … part deux …

Bear lost A LOT of wanna be aggies during his camp … 'course he had NO WATER BREAKS all day pre dawn to late night out in that west Texas heat … 'cept during lunch

Those same aggies lost out a nat’l championship because of a tie game with UH

CTH humanely gives water breaks and lost A LOT less … just imagine if Bear had been more humane how many more good aggies he could have saved and won that big title.

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