Tomorrow’s AP poll

Tennessee lost yesterday, Nevada lost a few days ago and Michigan plays Sparty today and could easily drop that game. If Michigan loses I say we move up to number 6 with maybe a few votes at 5. What do y’all think


I’ll say we move up to 8


8 and no higher.


you beat me to th punch…how far will ut and un drop, that’s the question…and will we rise to fill the gap?
Lsu should come up right behind us with the win over ut.
a sparty win over UM probably doesn’t help us, I think sparty leap frogs us with a win.

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The bigger question is do we become 2 seed. I honestly don’t see a path to a 1 seed even if we beat Cincinnati two more times.

8 if Michigan loses then 7

Nevada will drop out of the top 10 probably and I think Tennessee will drop to 8-9. So i think the poll will look like this

  1. Gonzaga

  2. Virginia

  3. Kentucky

  4. UNC

  5. Duke

  6. Houston

  7. MSU

  8. LSU

  9. Texas Tech

  10. Tennessee

  11. Nevada

8-6 range with the favorite being #8. This is great because it puts us into the #2 seed conversation!

LSU will jump us. Tenn. will stay above us.



LSU will jump us; I thought the same thing.

Tennessee lost to possibly the best team in the country in Kentucky and on the road in overtime to a very good LSU team. I don’t think they drop below us. I hope I am wrong.

LSU is 22-5, lost to Florida earlier in the week, should not jump Houston. Tennessee is trending down, losing 2 of last 3.

Houston wins last 4 games and AAC tournament, 2 seed or higher.

ESPN power rankings out this morning.

  1. Duke 24-3 (ranked opponents left: Virginia Tech, North Carolina).
  2. Virginia 24-2 (Louisville).
  3. Gonzaga 27-2.
  4. Kentucky 23-4 (Tennessee).
  5. North Carolina 23-5 (Duke).
  6. Tennessee 24-3 (Kentucky).
  7. Michigan 24-3 (Michigan State twice, Maryland).
  8. Houston 26-1.

We may move to 7, but I think it is unlikely we jump Tennessee so I’ll say 8.
Sad thing about that is if you look at our Q1 and Q2 records there isn’t a reason to say they have a better schedule than us, but people believe they have just because of their name.


You’d put UVA three spots ahead of a team that swept them? Interesting.

UH should move up one spot. LSU should not jump UH.

The big question in my mind is which two teams get to play in Tulsa out of TT, KSU, & UH? I’m assuming KU has played their way out of Tulsa at this point. Getting to the 2 line is important to get to play in Tulsa.


If you use NET (which has UH 4th and Tennessee 8th) to determine strength of opponents to date, this is the break down.

Houston: (home record/neutral site record/road record)
vs top 10: NA/NA/NA
vs next 15: 1-0/NA/NA
vs next 25: 2-0/NA/1-1
vs next 50: 5-0/NA/3-0

vs top 10: NA/1-0/0-1
vs next 15: NA/1-1/0-1
vs next 25: 1-0/NA/1-0
vs next 50: 4-0/NA/4-0

To me this shows it’s not wrong for any AP voter to keep Tennessee ahead of us because all there of their losses are in categories that we have not even played. In categories both teams have played, Tennessee is 10-0 and Houston is 11-1. Going 2-1 against the top 25 at neutral sites can be argued to be better or worse than going 0-0 but it’s not unreasonable to say it’s better or worse. Same with going 0-2 on the road against the top 25 versus 0-0.

If Cincy keeps winning and we break their 16 game home win streak (they lost the first home game to Ohio State) then we start having a more apples to apples comparison to top 10 teams with schedules like Tennessee. 1-0 easily argued to be better than 0-2.

Note: Didn’t compare Nevada because it’s a no-brainer. The only reason they were ahead of us is because of how far behind we started and our schedule wasn’t strong enough to pass them up until they lost with us close.


Not sure I see Tennessee dropping below Tech. I think if anything they stay ahead of UH. I think Coogs move up to 8th and Nevada falls to outside the top 10


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More importantly, after the Mich. Vs Michigan St game, UH will move to 2nd seed in the bracket.

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