Tony Buzbee Running for City Council

Crime is his emphasis. I like it.

Well, as long as it doesn’t involve escort services.

I do not live in Houston city limits, or any other for that matter, but what happens in Houston has a ripple effect out here in the Katy area so I don’t have a vote and don’t keep up with the various City Council members. However, I do know that something needs to change because what’s going on now isn’t working that great. I just hope you guys who vote for Houston city council members come up with some good members.

What part of Houston governance do you hink isn’t working that great and is having a ripple effect out in the Katy area? Are you in Harris County?

I know that Lina Hidalgo using the word “like” in public discourse as a pronoun and adverb at the same time could be spreading to the 281.

You can’t order a pizza or a latte without hearing, “so like the card-reader is down and like its not processing cash. So, if you could like, pull-up.”

I know its standard fare for public school grads but as a public servant she needs to respect the national language.

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Not sure what that has to do with Tony Buzbee as a City Council candidate. However interesting how in another thread you complained about people inventing phobias and pathologies. It seems you are doing just that with your last post.

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Nothing, he just wants to take a shot a Lina with made up grievances.

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Its an epidemic, Wonder Girl. You don’t hear it?

She’s too easy to take shots at.

Trying to own the libs and be funny.

Trying is the operative word. Instead he comes off looking like the crying liberals he complained about in the other thread.


Yes, elder. People have been doing that since the '80s at least. What year do you think this is? Take your meds. This is 2023.

The valley girls were 40 years ago.



He likely wants to make “tubular” a thing again instead

Totally, to the max.

Gag me with a spoon.

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