Top 25 polls are out

Georgia is of course #1.

We’re walking into a buzzsaw in a few weeks, Texas is #3. Oklahoma is #14 and Kansas is #24.


Kansas Jayhawks: The best football team in the new Big 12, as we all predicted.

Also, there would be nothing – not one thing – funnier to me than Texas taking one last loss to KU on their way out of the Big 12.


Utah would like to chat with you.


I can think of one thing…

UT-Austin getting destroyed by CDH and the Coogs at TDECU after dodging UH all of those years.


“Wanna go win some games in five years?!”


We’re THIS close.

Speaking of close, we did beat Sam pretty handily are we close to getting votes now?

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Suppose…hypothetically…we win the next few games including UT.

What are we ranked the next Monday following the UT win?

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I’d guess 15thish.

Dana doing his best used car salesman impression.


I’d say probably in the 20-ish range. The win over Texas would be huge, but aside from that, we’d have wins against SHSU, WVU, UTSA, and Tech with losses against Rice and TCU. That’s not a ranked resume, UT notwithstanding.

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We would have to win out and beat presumably Oklahoma or Kansas in the Big 12 championship game.

Probably #2.

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We beat Sam Houston state. Lol.


My feeling is it would be looked at by pollsters as more of a bad loss by UT rather than a good win by UH. UT would fall out of the top 10 but would be somewhere between 11-14. UH would probably enter the rankings but stay below UT, somewhere in the low 20s likely.

Sam Houston game was a get right game,now let’s see if we can maintain the momentum. Both teams are going to be battling for a crucial victory for there season. Make or break game imo for both teams.


There are a lot of intangibles that favor Tech. A lot. But this game feels weird to me. Techtards are already blowing up the coach on twitter. That means they’re tired of seeing some things. Those things might be systemic. They just don’t seem to have the swagger this year. Or mojo, if you lean towards the occult.

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It’s the new coach affect I call it… Baylor with Aranda won the B12 1st or 2nd year can’t remember he’s fallen off a cliff same for McGuire. Success is hard too maintain.

What’s the top 25 ?

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How are we not ranked after SHSU?