Marquez Stevenson, Jeremy Singleton, Keith Corbin, Mulbah Car, Kyle Porter, our returning offensive linemen, and the other up and coming young guys?!!! Shoot, even I think I could gain enough first downs under center with the offensive firepower around me. Defense is already going to be bringing it next year with our returners and incoming transfers/recruits. 2020 is our year, it always has been and one player doesn’t change that. Go Coogs! Stevenson and Tune are going to put the conference on notice and then Stevenson is going to put the NFL on notice for sleeping on him and his game changing speed.


Is Keith Corbin coming back, for sure?

I believe he just recently tweeted something like “I’m my own man” implying that maybe just because King is leaving doesn’t mean he is…but who knows.

edit: Got my players confused…Marquez tweeted that (thanks Jeepins)

double edit: Corbin did retweet that tweet though…so I think that implies he himself might also be his own man.

Marquez tweeted that.

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I just freshly read that in the King gone thread… :upside_down_face:

So then we don’t know?

And actually, I just noticed that Corbin retweeted that tweet.

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