Torrodney Prevott

Now being followed by Applewhite. Oregon DE/ linebacker graduating and transferring due to incident with girl. We have an opening here.

Not superb production by any means, but could be a decent addition if CMA deems him and his incident salvageable.

The article says he has to serve a two year suspension in order to get his degree. This is the kind of player Art Bailes was crucified for bringing to Baylor. No thanks.


The referenced article seems to say he was suspended from playing this past season only and has now received his degree - so he would be eligible to play elsewhere this upcoming season.

Since none of us know the young man, it would seem logical to me that CMA and the sports administration at UH would have to decide if he would be offered an opportunity to transfer and play FB at UH.

[NOTE: In so far as we know, our current BB player Damyean Dotson (another Houston area kid who transferred back here from Oregon after an issue up there) hasn’t really been a problem at UH. In fact, I think he was just named as an honor roll player this week in the AAC!]

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Dot was out a year and started counseling. I assume the counseling and support from family and coaches continue. Much different from Baylor and too many other places.

This young man went to my HS (Alief Taylor). Good chance if CMA and UH officials allow him to transfer in, he will part of the #htowntakeover.