Traffic Management Fail

For me, I find it completely unacceptable that the University can’t station some police officers to manage the traffic signal at Holman and Scott street after the games.

This has been a problem for many years.

9PM - there is no traffic but all the people exiting the garage and red lot leaving via Scott Street have to wait for the light to cycle. To make matters worse, there is no right on red at that intersection because of the train track.

Am I the only one who sees this as an opportunity to improve the game day experience?


I was hoping this was about the Orange pass garage traffic. We sat for a solid 10 minutes without moving and this was after spending 15 minutes shopping after the alma mater. They need to do like football used to and block off the ramps to keep traffic moving out of the garage.

It wasn’t nearly as bad as the 2015 Memphis football game but it was surprising that the flow was that slow.

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It’s worse when there is a train

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When we came out of the garage, there was an officer in the middle of Scott directing traffic. It was dark and he was in black with no reflectors, you may have missed him because I almost did.


Overall, the traffic management is awful and I’m trying to be kind. There’s no excuse for the apparent lack of a traffic plan and implementation of said plan. Score F


They could be a little more active and coordinated directing traffic.

  • We noticed the traffic folks pregame we’re trying direct cars to drive into people in the crosswalk from garage to the arena which was kinda odd.
  • Holman and Scott St intersection is flashlight only in dark and they reallly are not very clear on what they are asking drivers to do hence cars backing up… could be better
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I’d much rather see complaints about traffic than attendance.


I actually commented after the game how nice it was to have officers directing traffic even as far away as Cullen and Elgin. Best traffic experience leaving Fertitta Center I have had in a while.

Y’all from Houston and complaining about traffic…?


They should turn it over to Marketing, since those folks aren’t doing much these days. Lol

Truth be told I felt guilty leaving early but this morning at 4am I appreciated it. I didn’t have near the issues you guys had. That being said if we all band together and write a polite email I think they can fix the traffic pretty quick.


Please read my post under the “Parking” Thread to get a real taste of what the Parking garage can turn into . Someone is going to get hurt and then the Administration will pay attention !
Go Coogs !

Allen Iverson-- “Traffic! We’re talking about traffic!!”

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Maybe with some good revenue these next couple of years they could build a sky bridge from the garage to FC.



You can all e-mail Pezman like i have (twice) and get the same no response that I have (twice). At least previous ADs had enough involvement to have someone answer e-mails.

I have a fix for this. Move the DJ to basketball parking control.

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Just move the DJ to the parking garage, and then no one will want to park in there, at least those over 30 . . . . .


I opt out of garage parking and use the green lot. In the past we’ve had officers helping with pedestrians crossing Cullen coming from those lots, both before and after games. Pretty treacherous over there this year without the officers and with the torn up pavement/mud. Small price to pay to watch this exciting team though.

PO’s have been at crossing for both home game exits. I’ve personally been told to get out of the street twice now. I just keep trying to get around the slow walking crowd and it aggravates the PO’s.

And, the police officer who manned the intersection of Holman and Scott only arrived at his post after traffic had already stacked up on Holman following the game. Traffic sitting (not moving) on Holman also impedes emptying out the parking garage. - Put more plainly, whoever was “in charge” of traffic control permitted a traffic jam to develop before showing up to work the Holman and Scott intersection, which is a problematic location to be begin with due to the train. (The train came through after the cop arrived.)