Traitorous Trump not eligible

Article also references The Federalist Society, which is very right wing.

All agree. Trump is a traitor and ineligible for public office.

I guess everyone here agrees!

Trump the traitor is not eligible!

You know you’ll get no argument from me. You know who might argue though.

I was listening to this earlier today and my understanding it would be up to
each secretary of state to determine if he can be on the ballot based on 14th Amendment.
So states with Democratic sec. of state could deny Trump being on the ballot. That would result in lawsuits being filed and ultimately end up in the supreme court. I suppose a few
Republican officials may do the same, but very few seem to have the backbone to standup
for the constitution.

It would wind up in the Supreme Court.

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Yep. A few state supreme courts may weigh in too before it gets
to SCOTUS. It will be messy.

Without a conviction, I don’t see how he’s kept off the ballot. Good chance a SCOTUS decision would be unanimous. Trump is accused of acting to overturn the election. Although he’s been indicted, he’s presumed innocent.

Johnny, I voted for Trump twice, but his actions after the election and efforts to overturn it cut it for me. I know he said to his followers to got to the capitol and “peacefully” protest, but I don’t think he should have even held that rally at all. Without it there would have been no riot.

His actions in trying to get the Georgia election overturned is certainly unlawful and how any citizen that respects our constitution can still support him is truly baffling.

I would hope the trials would be speedy and he should be in jail, at least in Georgia, by the time the conventions are held.


Yeah, that was my initial take as well. But
according to 3 constitutional experts in that piece that’s not the case here. People have already been sentenced for sedition.Trump is on record stating he supports the efforts of those already convicted.Stay tuned; I’m sure we haven’t heard the last word on this.

He’ll skate on this thing. The other 4 indictments however, could put him in the pokey.

He’s screwed. Rightly so.

I’m not sure they can get him off the ballot on the 14th Amendment thing. It’s never been
used like that before.

The 3 trials are what we kinda know how it’s suppose to work. But if there is at least
one maga on each jury, that may be hard to get a conviction. If he walks, then we are in the
realm of this country being forever changed for the worst. If you love America, he would
be the person to kill it from the inside out.


How fricked are we as a country when any part of any non negligible electorate can want and outright admire this kind of leadership having to really really really depend on the 14th Amendment to fix this shite?

That’s a serious question. To be or not to be, in other words.

Moscow Mitch cowardly didn’t vote for impeachment, even after he said Trump was morally responsible for Jan 6th. He said the courts would take care of this. Now the G.O.P. whines about it.

What a joke.

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