Traitors shouldn’t be Senators

This is flat out blackmailing the US military.

Sen. Warren: ‘Senator Tuberville is undermining our national security’

Senator Tuberville’s prolonged blockage of over 301 military promotions is drawing criticism from defense experts and even some within his own party. Senator Warren joins Morning Joe to highlight the national security risks while emphasizing the toll it’s taking on military families and personnel.

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Rightfully so. Here is why:

Tuberville isn’t a traitor. Tuberville just has decided to go to the mat on his anti-abortion policies for women soldiers. He’s playing to his crowd in his usual despicable manner. Nothing new here. He’s convinced that American Jesus is whispering in his ear and leading him every step of the way. Unless he receives fresh revelation, he won’t give up his position.

We should be careful about tossing the term “traitor” around. TT is just an ass.

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While there is no direct evidence, I’m beginning to come around to the theory that the abortion thing is Senator Blockhead’s fig leaf to hold up these promotions if Mango Mussolini gets reelected he can stack the military flag ranks with loyalists that way there won’t be any inconveniences of he needs to try and seize power next time.


@Coogjazz No sir! I respectfully but strongly disagree.

He’s putting military readiness and response at serious risk. Lots of decisions are being delayed and these delays are only detrimental.

Can we agree that it’s a complete abuse of power with the serious potential for bad things to happen?

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Yes, we can.

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It is and if I’m the admin everyone goes to “acting” and gets to work. I’m also publicly demanding that Schumer basically institute a “f*** that guy” rule to get things moving. Literally call it that too.

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A horse out there somewhere is waiting for TT to be its ass.

The downrange effect of the delaying the promotions has been covered in the press. This just shows that the GOP can’t even control its own members, even if it wanted to. If any normal Republicans are left, they are scared of the Magidiots.

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Did you care to read for what Tuberville is objecting to besides abortion? Friend you gotta read the entire article.

Oh the irony.


Hey he’s right, I should read the entire article before pressing judgement so I did. The conclusion I reached was still

Seriously Blockhead can go cram a barbed wire dildo in himself at the earliest opportunity.

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Thing is Democrats could vote to change the rule that one senator can block nominations. The Republicans should handle it in their caucus, but I think the Democrats could change the rule.

LOL. This is not a traitor, he is just holding out because of his belief of pro-choice and wokeism. I disagree on the pro-life deal because I think that should be addressed by the church. The wokeism I can get on board with him because he is right. You give opportunity to everyone but you don’t equal outcomes to everyone. That is where we lower the bar to performance and that is a huge issue when you are talking about people’s lives.

That bothers me but I’m thinking they’re afraid of what would happen next like when Reid removed the filibuster for federal judges only to be one-upped by McConnell by giving us the current make up of the Supreme Court.

There has to be a good reason though, at least I hope there is because this could be quite catastrophic.


This you bro? Because friends of Nazis, Holocaust deniers, and anti-semites make a much better case for more woke than less woke.




There is no “and” needed.

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So your doubling down on being chummy with anti Semites, nazis, holocaust deniers and homophobes?

Tuberville responds to the Navy Secretary by saying the Secretary has to get wokeness out of the Navy because “we’ve got people doing poems on aircraft carriers”

Proper response: But Senator Blockhead or national anthem is a poem that was written on a warship.