Tramel on Baylor Scandal and UH

“Especially with a turnkey school like the University of Houston ready and waiting for Big 12 inclusion, cleansing the conference of Baylor surely has entered the minds of the decision-makers.”

Hey Big 12 call us.

I think he is spot on, think about it, Baylor never earned inclusion into the league they were granted it politically. they would not qualify under the same rules placed on us to be considered.
the only they can sustain winning is cheating…kick em out!

"In one brief, not-so-shining moment, David Garland may have summed up the Baylor state of mind at the moment.

"‘What are you going to do to us?’ the university’s interim president asked Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby.

"Bowlsby passed by Garland without saying a word following the introduction of new athletic director Mack Rhoades on Monday. There could not have been a colder shoulder…

“'It’s a long shot,” Bowlsby said of Baylor’s expulsion from the league, ‘but it’s not an impossibility.’

“Yikes. That escalated quickly.”

As much as I want UH in a P5, I find it hard to believe that any P5 would kick out a current member. It did not happen with Penn State. It has not happened with North Carolina. I don’t see it. I guess, if it is going to happen, it is going to happen to a school like Baylor…only recent success, not the big money maker for the conference, potential to be put on probation and return to bottom feeder status, etc.

Lot of pressure to include Houston by state and B12 Office. Challenge is 5 Texas teams. Easier to succumb to pressure if you kill Baylor. That is the dynamic right now.

Does anyone think Texas has ever been happy to have Baylor in the Big 12? They originally just wanted to take the Ags to the Big 8, but were forced by the governor to take two more. If they say that we would be just another mouth to feed that brings nothing to the table, what would anyone say Baylor has been for all but three of the last twenty years? Add to that their three major (criminal!) scandals with totally tone-deaf handling, and how could one think that they have been much other than a liability and an embarrassment?

If it really is about Texas getting what Texas wants, then what is really going on that has kept Baylor in their good graces this whole time?

Glad you are here Myopiccoog. Have not seen you in a while since I had moved boards, and I enjoy your posts. Extremely exciting and successful times ahead for us Coog fans!

I thought one reason the SWC went south was because it was all texas schools. What other conference has more than 4 schools from the same state? Do the tv guys want a broad base or what? I would like to see UH in any conference except little 10.

I don’t see baylor getting the boot, first university in the state. Would not miss them if they got the boot!!!

Some folks missed this tidbit at the Big12 meetings during all the hoopla about expanding being approved …


The cubbies are only playing with 70 scholarship players … BUT

Here is the funniest line from “Al” Grobe.

"I had a couple of kids that were in trouble academically. We had four kids that have been medically disqualified," Grobe added. “Of course we had some misbehavior kids. So that takes us down to 70 scholarships.”

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