Tramel: Why UConn should join BYU as Big 12's best expansion candidates

No link dump tonight as there was this article and the Yurachek article that Pawrful linked to in another thread. Tramel is hilarious though:

Tramel: Why UConn should join BYU as Big 12’s best expansion candidates
Berry Tramel

I can’t even pick a good quote out of this article. He basically says that UCONN should be in with BYU because it’s a “University of,” Connecticut is the most populous state without a school in a Power 5, ESPN is close by, and they have good academics.

He then goes on to say that their football would be a drag on the conference (yet the Big 12 doesn’t need another football power :confounded:), that geography isn’t important but that BYU and UCONN would need to drop a number of non-revenue sports, and takes a shot at Houston for making the Big 12 too much like the SWC (because, you know, it was Houston’s fault for the SWC breaking up…:expressionless:).

What’s the Billy Madison quote:

Some of these writers need to look at a map. UCONN isnt a travel partner for WV, they are pretty far away from WV…not really easing travel for WV. They would be a dumb pick. If you are going to add a school further away from a island school, go with Boise State_BYU. UCONN-WV???..please.

FTA “Connecticut, which has about 3.6 million residents, which makes it slightly smaller than Oklahoma.”

Texas is closing in on 30 million residents. Adding UH to B12 would give Texas 6 P5 schools or about 5 million residents per school. In reality UH, ATM, and UT will split the market and BU and TCU will be what they are today. In addition, UH is the only school under consideration that has the potential to become a conference anchor school that will draw eyes nationally.

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