Tramon Mark named AAC freshman of week, again


I think we pencil him in every week. Might be wrong a few times but not the majority. He is really coming along well with his defense and overall hustle.

Dickinson might go down as producing two of the most decorated UH athletes of all time. (If Mark sticks around long enough to accept all the awards.)

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Wait, how can this be? One of our resident experts said he can’t shoot and indicated he should have been taken out ot ther game.

That’s OK, we understand there are some guys still suffering PDTS – Post Dickey Trauma Syndrone.


I can’t believe he has a scholarship :woozy_face:

Should have gone with “Go ahead and Mark it down for every week”…never pass on a good play on the name!


Good one!!

I guess his streak may end this week?