Tramon Mark vs Wichita

I may have missed it but what happened with Tramon last nite? Didn’t really play in the 2nd half. Injured?

He came in for Sasser late in the game. He will be more rested for Memphis

I was surprised to see Arceneaux getting so many minutes in the 2nd half while Tramon sat

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TA was bring it on the defensive end.


I was glad to see TA in the game. He needs meaningful minutes in competitive game to further his development.


He kept losing his man on defense and getting yelled at by Kelvin


Probably bc Sharp hurt his ankle when one of the Shockers bumped into him.

That’s when I noticed TA started getting more mins, but TA played well imo. Definitely made the most of those minutes.


Tramon was definitely not himself last night. He looked sluggish and I was wondering if was not feeling well. Lets hope it was a one night thing because he is a big piece of our team.


This. Tramon was having significant trouble closing out on three point shooters and CKS was not happy about it.


Pierre was doing a lot of smack talking to Mark on the court.

Yeah. On one possession he made a three and was yelling in Mark’s face afterwards. It happened right in front of a ref who told Pierre to chill out. Can’t believe he didn’t get a tech for that one.


The championship is predicated on Mark and Walker playing at a high level.

If they are …we will…if they aren’t…we won’t,


The team can still play at a high level and win games when they are not putting up big numbers.

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Terrence Arceneaux is ready to replace any wing player mins. He is now earning court time. May play alot vs Memphis. He could be our difference maker come tournament time when Marks gets into foul trouble. And low key as a higher celing than Mark.

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Mark has been the most consistently good shooter on the team this year.


Explain shooter more specifically…? :thinking:

Because he’s mid at best.

40% overall all season long.

I don’t think that’s that great from our wing player.

Numbers do lied occasionally but 40% is mid okay!

Rough patch lately… :point_down::point_down::point_down:

With the exception of 1 game, TA has been a non-factor on offense this season. He shows good hustle on defense. His role for the rest of the season is to spell our wings. That alone is a good contribution.

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Mid what?

The vast majority of his shots are mid range and 3’s. So 40% is a good percentage. He has been CONSISTENTLY good from that range, the % not inflated with layups/dunks.

I think Sasser has been overall a bit better season wise. He started slow but his last 15 or so games hes been pretty good… While Mark been aight. Coach Sampson wouldn’t call him a good shooter.

Difference is that Sasser gets double teamed and carries lots more of the scoring load. He also dealt with a scratch cornea early on.