Transfer portal 2024

I keep looking for a walk on announcement from our basketball program. Personally, I’d like to see someone add some depth to the practice roster. Probably a very tough position to fill with realistically no chance of playing time. But you never know. One can hope.

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We have 14 players. Whether or not we have one we have a full squad. Hopefully all of
them will be a available by July

And hopefully enough will be available by…March!


Joseph Yesufu to West Virginia

Played at Drake, Kansas & Washington St


Great Osobor transfers to Washington

2M in NIL allegedly


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My question is if Johnell Davis or Great Osobor got 1M to 2M

What would guys like:

*LJ Cyer

*Emanuel Sharp

*J’wan Roberts

Get if they “hit the market”



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Washington just spent 2 million dollars to maybe make an NIT run. Apparently, he asked straight up for 1.5M :man_facepalming:. These players lol… Some of the them are greedy. I man if you can you can. But I’d rather play at UH for free and be apart of this type of program than put up inflated stats on a bad team with a so so coach. :man_shrugging:


No you wouldn’t. lol. Stop.

No one in their right mind would play for free when they could get $2m somewhere else.

I’ll leave my job today if someone gave me a 20% increase in pay. As would a lot of other people. It’s human nature.


Hey it’s really easy to say these things when it’s never a possibility, let’s be less judgy. I mean I’d still marry my wife if Scarlett Johansson said she wanted to marry me instead all those years ago.

He’s not even great.

my issue is that this was clearly a play by an aggent… who was tagged in the every post, meaning he required them to mention him…

“The deals were negotiated by @GeorgeLangberg of GSL Sports Group” we are opening a door for sleezy agent opportunist to really get into the sport

also i bet there are some stipulations in the NlL deal cliff omuriyo was reportedly offered a 2mil NIL deal that he turned down and i bet it was this

every report is specifically wording it like “2 million dollars of NIL deals already in place.” not just he will get 2mil
Osobor nor cliff are worth that money…which is more dangerous… “if xxx player is getting this i should be getting this too” whene the stipulation werent made public …

whats even more strange is that Washington wont be good next year, the rest of their roster isnt good .this is a ton of money to pay for medicority…historic level pay


Each transfer has different motivations to sign with a team, but I think a lot of players view their transfer as a one year pit stop, don’t care how the team does, only that they feel they will be the team’s showcase player to NBA scouts and pick up some serious NIL dollars until they hit the lottery being a NBA draft pick.

Forget UH being interested in a player like that. To the players who think like that: If only life was that easy.

Makes you wonder how UW could see him being worth 2 mil. Like what’s he bringing to their table?

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Nobody is playing for the Coogs for free.


The rule is after a coaching change you have about 30 days to enter the portal

Mark Pope left for Kentucky on April 12th


Not many schools play together like a string. Coach squad do every year. Hard work with talent exceeds expectations. All these mixed transfers do not breed chemistry and brotherhood. Teams who spend the most time together, who care about each other usually win. You know when it gets rough do you point fingers or play together. That will be the difference maker for Houston vs any just talented school.



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Hallelujah Ken……I actually agree with you.


2 million greatnesses

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